Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tuesday Stuff

Okay, is it just me, or did a bunch of the Superbowl commercials smack of slight (and in some cases blatant) misogyny to you ladies out there???? I know my eyebrows certainly went way up at a few of them. Or maybe I'm just oversensitive. Thoughts?

ANYWAY, thanks for all the input on the PC vs Mac. I have decided to do BOTH. I'm going to inherit what I affectionately have dubbed "The Monster Mac" and make it my main computer for writing, surfing, etc..(and yes, Jenni, it IS beautiful!) but I also will retain my older HP laptop (which I am reformatting and buying memory for as I type this because it is TOO dang slow!) and my HP mini, which I really love. So, for home, I'll be a "Mac" and for travel/mobility I'll be a "PC." Case closed. Hubby left his "iMac for Dummies" book here when he flew to Charlotte yesterday (he starts his new job today) so you can bet I'll be reading up on it.

AFTER I do a few things of course: Dejunk the house (yeah, remind me to tell about the construction-sized dumpster debacle that was SO well-planned out--I now can't pull my Sequoia out of the garage without backing up and moving forward about 947362 times for fear of hitting the dang thing), get the carpets cleaned, paint touched up, entire house detailed and handle all the relo stuff, which entails me spending most of my waking hours on the phone and fax machine. At least I only have two kids in sports right now. So I don't want to stab my eyes out in frustration...yet. And of course we got a bunch of snow overnight so I have to snow plow right after I write this so I can GET the car out (after backing up and pulling forward 947362 times) and I'm sure in a few hours I'll have to do it all over again. We're supposed to have a snowstorm all day. WHEW. Snow is my friend. I love snow...yeah, I keep telling myself this...

Yeah, I'll probably make the switch when I actually have time to do it. We'll see when that is.

Thanks everyone, for weighing in!

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