Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Calm After The Storm.

Feeling...calm. In the midst of craziness.

Maybe because when I dejunk my house (whew do I have a lot of throwaway stuff piling up in the basement!) it's symbolic for dejunking my life. Well, my house and my life go hand-in-hand, seeing as I am a stay-home mom.

Yeah, I figured that out all by myself. ;-) Hubby is still in New York, and I am working with massive sleep deprivation. Only because of the stress I've been dealing with.

Well, I am happy to report the "old" stress has passed, and now, we have a new set of stresses to deal with, but at least we can get through them knowing we've made a good decision.

Okay, enough of that hoo ha. I need to get dejunking!!! I had to break out the snowblower yesterday and early this morning, and it looks like we're getting more snow on Friday. BLEAH.

I could make a comment about THAT, but I won't. ;-)


Devon Ellington said...

Yeah, we got 4 inches last night, with more in store for the weekend. I'm sure you got more than we did.

Enjoy dejunking!

The Bean Cassarole said...

I shall be de-junking my office today. Thanks for the inspiration.