Monday, February 22, 2010


Hubby came home for a long weekend this weekend, which was nice. We got up super early on Saturday morning and went to breakfast at the Original Pancake House, and on to the Pinewood Derby from there. At the end of it, both Things Two and Three placed Fourth with their cars (which to us was just a relief they didn't place dead last--we aren't very prolific at making fast cars out of blocks of wood, to be honest) but at the end one of the officiator ladies informed us that the second place winner in the Webelos division was incorrectly classified (he was actually a BEAR!) so that bumped our Thing Two into third place! He got a ribbon and everything. It was great!

Hubby flew out at 2pm on Sunday, we were all sobbing and it was a mess, because it will be three weeks before we see him again. But we'll make it. I'm just overwhelmed because we were supposed to list our house today, and I had to push it back to Friday. Just too much to finish and do.

I've dejunked/organized/beautified three closets so far, now I just have four more. One thing I will say about this house, it has lots of STORAGE. Which is great if we were staying here forever, but since we're moving to a house which, in reality, will NOT have as much storage as this house, I need to really toss stuff. I've already done round one. Now I need to do round TWO, where I rip out my heart and close my eyes and just TOSS stuff, because frankly, I'm the most sentimental pack rat I know, next to my mother. (Sorry Mom, just keeping it real!)

It won't be fun, but it needs to be done. Heh heh. I rhymed.


Aimee said...

I've cleaned out our closets to give old clothes to the annual clothing drive at school. Personally, I think it feels awesome to have "less." When you think about it, for every thing we purchase we really ought to give one thing away or we'd become inundated. Yep. For me, less is more.

Anonymous said...

Lara....103 plastic tubs? I think you win. :-)))))


Anonymous said...

Come on Lara! It's liberating to clear out the crap. You'll feel better when it's all done.

Lowa said...

So I guess this means you have found a house in NC?

I am the same way. I have 6 HUGE bins of
sentimental clothes JUST from my kids' baby and toddler years. I donate everything else, but there are certain things I just can't part with. I have been married for 20 years and whenever I go home, my parents STILL have boxes of my childhood stuff that they try to send back here with me. TWENTY years later and the poor things still have boxes of my stuff...but I think we are almost done getting it down here:) Every trip we usually bring one or two:) LOL I have all my school notebooks and binders, notes I passed in class, report cards, diaries, letters to and from people, even NAPKINS I kept from my favourite restaurants??

See?? Bet I have you beat. I know JUST what you are going through. I kept a lot for my kids to see, and none of them care.

Devon Ellington said...

I hate moving. The next big move for me will be a nightmare, but I hope it'll be somewhere I can stay put for years.

Thinking of you.

Lee Anne said...

I hate moving as well. It's nothing but a stress nightmare for me and I can't see thru the manic fog until we are moved. I'm impressed that you invest in your sanity by setting up your Mac and continuing the blog!