Friday, February 05, 2010

The Big Announcement.

Okay, so, I guess I owe all of you, my friends and readers (all two of you, heh heh!) an explanation as to WHY I have been so stressed as of late.

I figured I was giving a lot away anyway on the blog, when fellow blogger Karen sent me an email yesterday titled "Spill." And to her credit, she totally guessed what was up. :-)

So, here's the spill:

Hubby has taken a job in Charlotte, North Carolina (it was uber top secret because until yesterday afternoon his current company did not know), and we are (naturally) moving there. Hubby starts work on Monday (as in, a few days from now) and I will be heading out there a couple of weekends for more house-hunting trips, and now on top of everything I am doing, I get to add "prepare/list my house" to the mix.

Which is fine, because we feel we've made the right decision. We are sad to be leaving what had been our home for roughly seven years, but hey, we won't have nearly as much snow!!


*Lara rubs hands together in fiendish glee*

Still it's bittersweet. But at least I get to be closer to one of my writing buddies, BRENDA!! I'm on my way!

Crazy, huh?


Anonymous said...

YYAAAAAYYYYY! I'll email you my cell phone number. We'll get together for lunch or something!

Lee Anne said...

With the big cleanout announcement, I wondered if it involved a move and hoped that it was something like that and not a serious health issue. Congratulations on the new job and adventure. I'm in CT, 10 hrs from NC so I'll will say, "Welcome to the East Coast"! Hope you're moving details go as smooth as they can. Will you have selling and relocation assistance from hubby's new employer?

Lee Anne said...

Sorry! It should be "your" moving details. I'm well aware that I'm in the company of writers when I visit your blog! =)

Unknown said...

Whitney and I totally guessed it. :)

Who is he working for?

You guys should really just live in an RV. It would make all of your frequent moves easier. Sure, a little cozier, but then you could just drive away! haha.

Good luck!

Devon Ellington said...

I hope this isn't one of the weekends you're travelling -- if the storm's anywhere near as bad as they're predicting!

I hope you'll be very happy in your new home, and that the move is on the lower end of stressful.

Maybe a bunch of us could meet in DC or something once you're settled.

Jennifer said...

Wow! Your life is exciting! Can't wait to hear the details!

Anonymous said...


Angela said...

I hope the move goes well and that you'll be happy in this area. I realize I haven't been highly visible lately but I do stop by to see how everyone is doing from time to time.

We are 3. said...

Congrats! North Carolina sure sounds nice...especially this time of year!

Good luck!