Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well, I did it.

I made the switch last night, after I tucked the kids in bed! I got on the mac, reformatted it (after backing up all of Hubby's "stuff" of course) and made it MINE. I had Time Warner out yesterday, and apparently the router had fried itself (thus the high pitched hissing noise) and he gave me a new router AND modem, and the mac is working beautifully.

I loaded all my software and files onto it, but the really tedious part will be my "favorites." We've had MSN Premium for about ten years, and all my favorite links and websites (organized of course) are there. There really is no way to import them into Safari (that I know of) so I am doing the CRAZIEST thing--I "unhid" my favorites xml file on the computer, and sent it to the mac via email. Then I removed all the crazy stuff so only the hyperlinks remained, and I am ONE BY ONE, going to each website and adding it to my favorites. It's a slow process, but I am doing it. And some of the links are broken or outdated, so I am getting rid of those. I have a folder for each novel I have written, and all the invaluable websites I visited whilst doing research for the novels.

Before 11pm, I knocked out twelve of the over TWO HUNDRED pages of favorites. Yeah, I know I'm supposed to be dejunking, but I felt I needed to take a little "break" and do something I wanted to do, for a change. I'm back to dejunking today. And I'm sure all you computer savvy people are laughing your butts off at me, but I can't think of a better way to "import" my favorites. So--laugh away. ;-)

I can't wait to get this house listed--once that happens things will calm down significantly, and I can concentrate on things I love, like WRITING and EDITING! I haven't done either in a very long time and it's taking its toll on my Irrability Level. I am a creature of my pen. I like to write!

I guess that's why I make time to blog, even when things are crazy. I have to write something.

Well, off I go!


Michelle Miles said...

On a PC (*grin*), you can go to your Favorites folder, copy the folder and then paste it BACK to your favorites on whatever computer you're moving. I would imagine it'd work in a similar fashion. Maybe they call it Bookmarks or something on the Mac. Dunno. I'm a PC girl. :D

Devon Ellington said...

I just got a great book called HOW TO DO EVERYTHING MAC -- wish I had it when I first made the transition. It's very helpful.

also, on the apple website, there are tutorials on how to switch from PC to Mac, and about Safari. Little videos. If they actually made sense to me, of all people. I'm sure you'll find them very helpful.