Thursday, February 04, 2010

Just Roll With It.

One thing I've learned--especially in the last few weeks, is to just "roll" with things. Things come up. Things supersede plans that have been in place--sometimes for a while. Sometimes you just have to cancel on people. (Unless you make a habit of it, they will understand.) Sometimes you just have to drop everything and run, and find plane tickets for people on the fly and coordinate massive efforts, with a few hour's notice.

Sometimes the chips fall into place, sometimes they don't. I am currently waiting on one particular chip to fall into place, and then we can worry about Chips 2, 3, and 4.

And if they all fall, I will have "rolled with it" and it will have all worked out.

I'm not particularly fond of rolling. It stresses me out. But if the end result is good, then I must roll.

*Lara smacks her forehead on the desk repeatedly...*


Devon Ellington said...

It's always when the roll depends on other people coming through and you can't control it where it gets really frustrating.

Hang in there.

Lee Anne said...

Deep breathing, quiet meditation when the baby is napping. Sending you good thoughts for the quick return to smooth sailing!