Friday, December 12, 2008

I'd Rather Stab Out One of My Eyes...

...than go through what I went through last night.

What, you ask?

The Kids' Christmas Concert.

Mind you, the concert was just fine, but we got there five minutes before (instead of 15) because Thing One forgot her recorder and we had to run back to the house to get it, and by the time we got there, there were cars parked as far away as two blocks. Cars in ditches. Lining the streets on both sides. Parked on the playground of the school.

You can surmise, at this point, that we have a very small parking lot at the school. It's an old school. They can't help it.

I got stuck not once, but twice, trying to park, and finally drove BEHIND the school and parked in a loading zone. I didn't care at that point. Got the stroller and baby out (I had already dropped the kids off at the front of the school so they wouldn't be late) and walked about a mile in the freezing cold to the other side of the school, because all the other doors were locked.

I was frozen by the time I got inside the gym, and there were already several dozen people standing, because all the chairs and bleachers were full. Yeah, and and of COURSE I was wearing my cute black spiky boots, which aren't very fun to stand for long periods in. They weren't so "cute" after standing in them for an hour and fifteen minutes, the last half or so which was spent running after the baby because he discovered (to his glee) that if he screamed, I wouldn't pick him up and restrain him. So, he toddled everywhere, and I just had to watch him and curse my ill luck. I missed my daughter's solo (because at one point he almost ran out of the gym and I had to run after him in front of everybody, nearly tripping on my lovely black spiky boots) but for the most part it was Okay.

Hubby didn't make it. He tried to park about a half mile away, and the car by him slid into a ditch. He texted me, telling me he hated his life and he was going back home. Poor guy. Having to worry about that after a long day probably sent him over the edge.

SO, it was a very lame night. Getting OUT from where I parked was interesting too, because two more cars had copied me and had blocked me in. So we had to wait about ten minutes (since unfortunately for me, my car wasn't capable of sprouting wings and flying over the school) for the people to get to their cars and move them, so I could get out. I was gnashing my teeth pretty much by the time we finally drove out of the school lot.

SO, I redesigned my blog! I think this look is a lot more festive. I just wish I'd thought of it sooner. Oh well. Better late than never!

I am saying that a LOT, lately.



Michelle Miles said...

The blog looks fab!!

and OOF. There is nothing worse than having to deal with stuff like that. It's torture for parents because we HAVE to go. We have no other choice. At least you survied. :D

Anonymous said...

Love the new look. Sorry the concert was such a nightmare.

Aimee said...

My husband hates me because I'm the one who wants to show up 45 minutes early to get a good seat and parking spot. He then complains about how long we have to wait for the whole thing to start. I think I'll have him read your blog and let him know the alternative. Surely there must be some happy medium?