Thursday, December 11, 2008

Potty Training A One-year Old???

I suspect Hubby is out of touch with reality. Especially about our youngest. Granted, I have an admission to make about Thing Four. He's 19 months old, and frankly, it's like he's a three-year old. He's an "old soul" in a baby's body. He rarely cries, he's sharp as a tack, and he talks like no tomorrow. He's...well...different from our first three kids.

And I know why.

It's because he has an 11, 9 and 8-year old, constantly playing with him, talking with him, reading to him, and he "thinks" he's older than he is. He's taken on a lot of things at a younger age than he technically should. I can actually "reason" with him and everything. HOWEVER, I will draw the line at potty training.

He's become "obsessed" with the "potty" lately. We had a few days where he liked to wander into the bathroom and "play" in the water. (Yuck.) Now that he's over that, he is obsessed with watching others "go potty." He talks about "going poo poo in the potty" and going "pee pee" in the potty. His favorite thing is to watch, and watch it get flushed.

I am not sure how I feel about this, but Hubby is convinced we should start letting him "go on the potty." HUH? Being curious about something and being "ready" for it are two different things.
Trust me, its not like I want to "hold on" to his babyhood or anything--changing diapers is NOT on my list of fun things to do. But I just think he's too young. I am glad he has a healthy interest in bodily functions and how to deal with them, but I think starting to potty train him is not in his best interest.

Hubby disagrees. Thoughts?

I am willing to buy a small potty, and let him sit on it while someone else is using the "grown up" potty, but that's it at this point. He's NOT EVEN TWO YET, for pete's sake!

I'm going to Target today, to round up some Christmas shopping. We're nearly done. Frankly, I hate being on a budget now, but it's just the time we live in. And frankly, I am REALLY GOOD at getting fun stuff on a budget. It also helps that my kids are easily pleased. I could go to the dollar store and buy them a bunch of cheap crap and they'd love it. They aren't toy snobs.

The kids' Christmas concert is tonight, and Hubby is making an effort to go. He rescheduled his business dinner for super early, so he could make it to the concert at seven. I told him I'd be on the front row, so I could make an escape to the side with the baby, if he decides he's "had it" with sitting in the stroller. :-)

Happy Thursday!


Lowa said...

Because he has the older sibs isn't why he is talking so well and so advanced, per se. My oldest and my third were the exact same way. My youngest was my slowest to talk and is a GIRL to boot! She had even more people constantly interacting with her and talking/reading to her than any of the others and still took longer to talk.

I could carry on a conversation with my oldest when he was 18 months old. He knew all his shapes, letters, colours and could count to about 50 by that age also. Taught himself to read before his 4th birthday, etc. The doc was surprised, he was sure he would be reading at two! LOL Just happened to be interested in it, ya know?? People have always been amazed at it. When he was four, the terms and vocab he used were that of a MUCH older person. They tested him when he was 7 and his reading (Speed and comprehension) were at a 3rd year college level. So I really think it just depends on the person, not birth order. That is jut MY opinion. I also suspect my oldest has Aspergers syndrome and he is currently being tested for it.

Anyway, he was wearing undies at night and keeping them dry 24/7 by the time he was 2 years and 4 months old. That is still considered early I think, and it worked for him even though he had been interested in it months before that. I just set out a potty chair and he sat on it to watch his one TV show in the morning, put things in it, took things out, read books on there, carried it around the house, etc. It won't hurt to have one available and just see how it goes. I have a friend whose 3rd daughter was wearing panties 24/7 by 18 months old! So it is not unheard of.

Sounds like you may have another Cryptic on your hands:) They are a blast!

Michelle Miles said...

I say let him. Kids with older siblings are just like that. I've seen it in with my sister's kids. And if he's interested in the potty now, get him his own. See how he does with it. If he maintains that interest and he actually goes in it, then consider yourself lucky your baby is potty trained.

My Sis-in-law's sister's youngest (say that 5x fast haha) was potty trained at one. It's really no big. And what a relief not to have to change diapers anymore!

I think on this one thing, you can let him "grow up" a little faster. ;)

Aimee said...

This is a no-brainer...pull out that potty! Kids have been potty trained by age one (just ask Dale's grandmother who said all the mother's she knew had their kids in underpants by age one because cloth diapers were a pain). She's probably right. It was probably Pampers and Huggies that gave the timeline for potty training children...the older the kid, the more diapers they sell. He may not get it perfectly, but think of how your budget will expand if disposables were off the shopping list.
P.S. - Whitney said this week, "Man, I could really use a Target right now." Me, too.