Friday, December 05, 2008


I am SO excited--it was a whopping whole FOUR degrees this morning! Or so my car told me as I was driving the kids to school. FABULOUS.

The sun is out, at least, and it's a beautiful (if cold) day.

Today Thing Three is eight! He is so excited. Instead of cupcakes for his class he wanted me to make Snickerdoodles. Apparently, he has bragged up my Snickerdoodles to all the teachers, and so I have a lot of pressure to deliver some tasty goods. Oh well, at least I know *he* likes them!

We have Thing One's last basketball game of the season tonight, then we will head straight to Five Guys (Thing Three's birthday request) and home for presents and cake. Last year I made him a Legend of Zelda cake, and it was a hit. This year, he has requested yet another theme from the Nintendo family: a Luigi's Mansion cake. For those of you who don't know, Luigi's Mansion is a now-defunct Gamecube game where Luigi goes through a mansion full of ghosts, to rescue his brother. It's the only game besides Mario Kart that I ever wanted to play. It's super fun! My boys loved it. So, I will make a Luigi's Mansion cake. Thing Three wants chocolate cake with chocolate frosting again, so that shouldn't be too hard. :-)

I have officially gotten all my Christmas decorations up, and I love how festive the house looks. LOVE. This time of year rocks. Only twenty days until Christmas!

It's Friday! I hope everyone keeps safe and warm. Happy Weekend!

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