Thursday, December 18, 2008

Buried. 'Nuff Said.

I have a confession to make. I am not a person who "keeps up" with the laundry. I wait, until it gets so overwhelming I either need an A) Intervention or B) a Cloning Machine in order to get it done in a timely fashion.

I'm a "lazy" laundry person. My kids have enough clothes to last them for a few weeks, so, why should I do it every week? I know, BAD LARA. I need to reassess my stance on laundry. I constantly have "Mount Vesuvius" in my laundry room. Let's think about it. Six people create a lot of Towels, Socks, and Underwear, on a daily basis. Thing Two, can only wear stuff once, because he's All Boy, and doesn't really care what his clothes look like. Thing Two can wear shirts three times, because he's meticulously clean and isn't old enough to sweat. So, there you go. And Thing One just "hides" all her dirty clothes in drawers instead of the laundry basket so I never think she has any dirty laundry, and I am scared because she's always asking for clean socks, and she has more pairs than all of us combined. So she either A) eats them or B) throws them away after she wears them. I'd better look into that...

Anyway, I'm currently "buried in laundry" since I have to pack us all up by tomorrow, and I've gone and raided all the kids rooms looking for their clothes. And after doing that, I have a few questions, and I've discovered a few things:

1) Why is it that my boys can't put clothes in the hamper? There were more clothes on the floor of the bathroom than the hamper. Are they missing the "Pick Things Up And Put Them Away" Gene?

2) Why is it, that I am STILL finding CLEAN clothes in the dirty clothes hamper? WHY??? WHY???

3) Thing One has been hoarding every washcloth in the house. They're all in her shower. I counted twelve of them. What's wrong with REPEATING uses? And then, what's wrong with PUTTING THEM IN THE HAMPER???

Her answer? "They're all wet, Mom, I didn't want to put them in the hamper."


4) What's wrong with using a bath towel two or three times? I have a hook for each towel. WHY do we need a new towel every shower? We RUN OUT OF TOWELS if you use a new one each time...

Okay, I had to get that out of my system. I'm up to my ears in laundry, and by the time today is over, I will have all the suitcases PACKED with CLEAN clothes and life will be good.

One can hope, right?


Anonymous said...

Laundry's become a magilla because they never replaced the machines in the basement downstairs after the floods last year. So, not only do I have to haul it all down four flights of stairs, even now, I worry that the machines are sanitary enough, so I usually save it and take it every two or three weeks to my friend's place in CT. He's got laundry in the house -- great facilities. I use the laundry room all day and cook dinner in return.

I PREFER to do laundry once a week -- remember, I'm a wardrobe person by profession, and fussy about laundry -- and when I've got the house with my own laundry room (which I've already designed), I'll do it whenever.

But laundry's one of those personal things, you know? Your kids aren't running around dirty or naked, so you're doing something right. Your system's working, even though it may not be the way other people do it. So what? It's your house -- you get to do laundry whenever and however it works for YOU.

Best of luck with the traveling -- I've been thinking of you with all these storms.

I'm already packing for my site jobs, and I don't leave until the 26th. I know, I am SO weird.

Michelle Miles said...

Okay I'm a laundry freak I guess. I do laundry once a week no matter what. I do a total of...three loads a week (don't kill me) but it's just me and the kid and since he's only there part of the time it's not bad.

I feel for you though. Four kids, a husband, and you? That has to create a lot of laundry. Maybe you should do towels on Monday and shirts on Tuesday if it realy bugs ya. But if it doesn't then FEH. Fuhgetaboutit. ;)

Have a WONDERFUL trip if you can. And text me if you wish! :)