Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside...

Well, maybe not for WISCONSIN. It's a balmy zero degrees, with minus twenty windchill and gusts up to 30 mph. PERFECT weather if you're partial to frostbite and hypothermia...

I know, I'm a sarcastic brat. What can I say? Besides BRRRRR....

So, we had a good weekend. Saturday was busy, we had a soccer game and that night the kids got to go to a Bucks game with Hubby. His boss gave him four of his tickets (he has COURTSIDE season tix!) and the kids had the best. Time. Ever. And I got some "quiet time" with the baby, although he's not really that quiet anymore. He's VERY talkative. All those dendrites in his brain must be firing and going crazy, or something, because he is suddenly Chatty Kid. Seriously. But I think it's cute. He's more like a "stream of consciousness" talker. He'll talk about dinosaurs, pickle sandwiches, taking baths with rubber duckies and going "Bye-bye" all in one monologue. It's cute.

Sunday was interesting. We had family coming here for Christmas, but Hubby's dad fell and tore his OTHER rotator cuff in his shoulder (he had just had surgery to repair the left shoulder, now the right's out) and so they decided not to come here. Hubby was depressed because Christmas here, with no family would have been sort of lame.

So now, we're going to Idaho for Christmas. It all happened very fast, and we're leaving Saturday. We'll be there through the second of January. I feel like I need to cram five lifetimes worth of stuff into the next five days...or else. You know that feeling? EEEK!

I'm just SERIOUSLY looking forward to having the 19-month old on my lap on the plane. THAT will be a joy in itself. I'll have to take toys, games, snacks, load movies onto my iTouch, etc. just to pacify him. Although I may have an advantage: we don't leave until 7pm, and we get in at midnight. I am hoping he'll zonk on the plane and we won't have any of the "screaming-to-get-down" drama.

*sigh* Part of having kids.

Happy Monday!


Aimee said...

When you're in the middle of the flight with a fussy Thing Four, just take a deep breath and remember your dear friend who,for four years in a row, traveled for 24 straight hours across the globe, with a baby and toddler in tow. Sort of makes you wonder how important family REALLY is. I know. Really important.

You'll do great.

Lowa said...

Yes, what Aimee said:)

I travelled BY MYSELF with two young kids, an infant and pregnant with my fourth and barfing up a storm in the barf bags. Good times.

We are almost ALWAYS here alone for Christmas. We LOVE IT! When our fourth was a baby, we told everyone they were welcome to come and see us, but we were done going all over to see everyone else all the time. We had the most people, the most kids, and were done with being the only ones to travel. It was WAY too hard on the kids being in different time zones, different houses, different rules, etc etc. They wanted Santa to come to THEIR house. In the 19 years we have been together, we have only spent 8 Christmases just in our own home with our little family and that is not enough for me! LOL We have no plans to go anywhere in the next 5-10 years! LOL As I said, both sides of the family know we would be just THRILLED if any of them came here, but they never do.

Hope your FIL feels better soon and that you guys have a great holiday! Hard to believe it is ten days now, eh??