Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Never Mind!!!

My kids literally yelled when I woke them up this morning. They were SURE it was going to be a snow day. But nope, the schools are open. We only got about seven inches. Nothing to close down school about.

Okay, that's another thing I hate about snow. When my kids TRACK IT IN THE HOUSE.

The geniuses who designed our house decided it would be great to put WOOD FLOORS in the mudroom. Yep. Wood floors. So when my kids come in, stamping all the snow off themselves (because somehow they've managed to roll into a snow drift about SEVEN times between the school bus stop and home) if I haven't put about 7842 towels down, there's water and mud and caca everywhere.

So, I make a "pathway of towels" to the laundry room, which has stone tile flooring, which is much safer than the wood. So they disrobe/deboot/shake themselves out in this room. And yes, I have to stand over them to make sure they put their snowpants in the basket, their gloves and hats in their coat sleeves and HANG them up, and their boots in the cubby.

Once I didn't stand over them and I had coats and hats, boots, mittens and snow carnage strewn from the back door in. I think when I finally went back and saw it, I might have broken a blood vessel in my eye, yelling at them to come clean it all up. :-D

Hubby and I got the snowblowers out and did the driveway and walkway this morning, and its supposed to snow all day and not end until midnight. We'll probaby do one more snowblow this evening, just to keep up with it.
I'm not going anywhere today. Just staying in. I ran around yesterday, getting groceries and stuff I needed. Now we're stocked and snug, and I'm just hanging out, enjoying the decorations. And cleaning bathrooms. And Laundry. And De-popcorning the basement theater carpet. (Oy, kids and popcorn, don't get me started!) So, I've got plenty to do.

Hope everyone is safe in the snow!


Jennifer said...

Ok, but at least you have a mudroom! My dream room.

Michelle Miles said...

The cold front got here about noon today and BRRR! It's cold. Supposed to be in the 30s tonight (but no percipitation). :D