Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Check. Check. Check.

Man, the days leading up to a big trip are always fraught with...what is it exactly? Stress? Anxiety? Craziness? I just might be with you, Laura. Maybe staying home for Christmas and relaxing could be a good thing...

But Hubby is not like that. He likes to be surrounded by "lots" of family for the Holidays. Probably because we have ZERO family here, and we only see them a few times a year. I see my own family even less. *sigh* That's what we get for moving so far away!

So, yesterday I was mostly a slug. I had a near-migraine most of the day, in my left eye, and nothing seemed to touch it. So, I started editing my NaNo story. I rewrote the entire beginning, because I think the way I originally wrote it was unappealing to teens, who are my target audience. I let my daughter read it and she begged for more chapters, so I guess that's a good sign. It's nice having a kid who appreciates my work! She's almost the age I'm shooting for, so it's all good.

Today, the headache is gone, but replaced by new ones--namely starting to pack, making cards for Hubby's work people, baking cookies for all the kids functions they have to bring cookies to, dry cleaners, grocery shopping (because one gallon of milk will NOT last us until Saturday night) AND I have lots of odds and ends to take care of. I've held the mail, and programmed the lights to make it look like we're home. Alerted the neighbors (we have a security system so it's not like anyone could break in anyway but I like to tell the neighbors). And I'm checking off my list. Check. Check. Check.

Hubby picks up his new car today (his lease expired) and he decided to "shake things up" with the color. Instead of a black sedan with black interior, he got "Smoky Granite Mica" (which I call "Gunmetal") with black interior. Yeah, I know, he's a major risk taker, isn't he? ;-)

Okay, now I have to make some phone calls because I have to run make a church visit and this woman's house is NOT on Mapquest! It's a brand new subdivision, so it isn't mappable. Niiice.


She cancelled on me, because her daughter is throwing up. So, I don't have to go anywhere this morning! Woo! I'm glad, because it's COLD.

Gotta run! Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Have a great Tuesday. Hope there are no more headaches.

Michelle Miles said...

Hope your head is better! You should busy, as usual. I think that's situation normal for you, though. ;)

Lowa said...

Yeah, I can understand where your hubby is coming from. All my family is in Canada (20 hours drive) and all hubby's are in SC and down that way (five DAYS drive) so it does get lonely at times. But we have our church family and our home schooling family and there are certainly perks to that! No judging and/or lecturing and drama. And you guys' families DO come see you, our's usually don't. That makes a big difference too!

I hope you guys have a wonderful trip! The plane ride won't be too bad, trust me.