Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Murphy's Law # 472898

Okay, so what is the deal with me and "yardwork?" This time of year, it will be snowblowing.

I will admit, I've never used a snowblower. My dad always did it, and until Monday morning, we had a service do our driveway.

So, this year, we decided, to save a bunch of $$ per month, we'd do it ourselves. Hubby had the brilliant idea to get TWO snowblowers, so we'd get it done in half the time. We tried it together the first time. I had to remember to flip about five switches and make about three adjustments before I could even start the darn thing, and once it was started, I had to maneuver it and switch gears and levers AND figure out the chute spray...highly complicated. But I did it. I was proud of myself.

Yesterday, we had 30 mph winds. And of course they were blowing OPPOSITE of where I wanted the snow to go. The end result was me, finally giving up and stomping inside looking like a human snowperson. I just needed a carrot in my mouth and some coal buttons. The wind blew it in my face every time. UGH. Figures.

At least I tried.

I got one tree up yesterday, and hung the stockings, but that was about it. Then I spent roughly five hours vacuuming up fake pine needles. Those are the worst. They're not thick, like real pine needles, so unless you have the Super Sucker Vacuum, you're out of luck. After vacuuming the family room three times, I figured I'd call it a day.

This is, hands down, my favorite time of year. Everything is new, the decorations are a novelty, the stores are still crammed with merchandise...the frenzy hasn't quite begun. Although, the baby has decided that despite my attempts to explain to him that he CANNOT TOUCH the vintage decorations on the Christmas tree, he wants to touch anyway. Or flick. Or jingle. I'm waiting for when he takes on the tree at a run. It's happened before.

Oh well. Babies and elaborate Christmas trees just don't mix. Anyone with cats can understand my frustration. :-)

On today's agenda: Grocery Shopping (Prince Caspian is out on DVD), dry cleaners, get two more trees up and the lights and garland on the bannister, frou frou the rest of the house and remember to take Thing One to her basketball tournament.

Tomorrow I get to go to Home Depot! Hurrah!!!

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Aimee said...

I'm so jealous you can browse through stores crammed with Christmas merchandise, twinkly lights, tinsel, bell ringers, gift wrap and ribbons. Do an extra lap at the mall (or the aisles at Target) for me!