Monday, December 08, 2008


First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my "big" little brother, Chris! Woo!

You know, for the Holidays approaching as fast as they are (well, Christmas, anyway) I am feeling quite...calm. Almost a little down.

I suppose it's because we are in for another really hard winter. Last year was ridiculous. Especially in February. We were so hard hit. They were cancelling school left and right, and the snow piled up and up and up. Our natural gas meter broke, in the extreme cold. So the Gas company decided to bill us what they "thought" we should be paying, which to this day, seems a little "unethical" to me.

And from what we've had so far (we're expecting another foot of snow by tomorrow night) things are shaping up to be similar to last winter.


I really don't mind snow, honest. It's the biting, bitter cold, and the wind, that I can't handle. You know, when it's 40 below, with windchill, and as soon as you walk outside, the inside of your nose freezes up, and your ears suddenly have twice the pain receptors they normally do. I know, I'm sure that's tame compared to some parts of the world, but to me, it's difficult to maneuver around in.

I'm running to Home Depot this morning and getting some "stuff" before the big storm hits. And then the grocery store, because we're out of milk, and they seem to sell out of milk VERY quickly just before a storm. My children are milkaholics. I sometimes have to tell them to just "have some water." Although I'm secretly pleased they like milk. Healthy bones are important!

I'd better get going. I just wish the temps weren't in the SINGLE DIGITS. Gotta bundle up!


Anonymous said...

Hope your errands go well, and you can snuggle by the fire with a good book and/or your writing when the storm hits!

Michelle Miles said...

Brr. Stay warm!

It's warm here - it'll be 70 here today. Not very Christmas-like. :(

Aimee said...

I'd take a freezing 4 degrees any day over this 65 degree mild stuff. It is hard to get in wintery, Christmas feeling when you can still go without a jacket. But you're right, that wind chill can be a bummer.