Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday, Part II: The Blog Part :-)

First, I am happy to report I am TROJAN and VIRUS free, thanks to my good friend Brenda! Woo! Apparently she's had the same problem. The nasty little trojan had imbedded itself in my registry, and every time I started windows, THERE IT WAS.

Well, this nifty little SDFix program got rid of it, and I am happy as a clam. Brenda rocks!

Oh, and this is part deux of my blog, because I posted my pizza dough recipe BELOW. You can scroll down to see it.

Yesterday was scary. I couldn't find my wallet anywhere. I had the baby in the car, diaper bag, handbag, my armory of supplies, and I looked in my handbag, (only because it felt light) and my wallet was missing.

You know that feeling. You're sure it's somewhere in the house or in the car, but there's that tiny little earwhig of doubt that niggles at you: IT HAS BEEN STOLEN!!! RIGHT NOW THIEVES ARE BUYING 70000 HOCKEY STICKS AND SENDING THEM TO NIGERIA WITH YOUR AMEX!! RUN TO THE PHONE!!!

So, I calmly took the baby out of the car and began looking. It was nowhere. Not in the usual five places anyway. Whenever I lose something important, there are about five places I look, and I usually find it. Not this time. I called Hubby in a panic, and remembered I took his car when the kids and I went shopping Saturday night.

He went out to the parking garage, and lo and behold, my wallet had fallen out of my handbag and was wedged between the passenger seat and console of his car. THANK GOODNESS.

However, he was downtown, and I was 30 miles away. Um, no, can't run errands. Can't drive. All I had was my checkbook, and frankly, who is going to let me write a check without picture I.D.?

So, I was stuck at home. ALL DAY. Except I risked driving to soccer practice because, well, my kids wanted to go.

SCARY. I hate that feeling. So now I get to do all the running around today, that I couldn't do yesterday. And I swear it's even colder today. Gotta bundle up!


Anonymous said...

I hate that trapped, helpless feeling of a missing wallet or keys. Thank goodness it was in the other car!

Good luck with all the errands today. It's muggy and awful here today, but the cool front should hit us tomorrow.

Michelle Miles said...

So glad you found it! And how scary! I think that's my biggest fear - losing my wallet.

It's humid here today. I want your Fall weather. :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like quite a day. I'm glad to hear that you killed the virus and found your wallet. I'll take some of your cool weather if you want to part with it. It's 100 here again today.