Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Kids have been Body Snatched!!!

So, the alarm goes off this morning at 6:30, and I get out of bed, dreading the task of waking up my children. Short of dumping ice water on them in their beds, they are hard to wake up.

I start walking up the stairs to their rooms, and I hear giggles and laughter, coming from Thing One's closed door.

I open the door, and see...

All of my kids (including the baby) awake, smiling and completely dressed already for the day.

They informed me they woke up on their own at 6 am, and decided to get dressed and ready.

I just looked at them like I didn't know them. This is NOT like them.

They all had super awesome first-day-of-school experiences, so that may have played a part.
Frankly, I am not complaining. I'm sure by next week I'll be threatening to pour ice water over their heads if they don't get up, but for now, I'm enjoying this.

I finished the edits on my story last night. I worked on them during the day (I felt so guilty but I only had the baby with me, and he was playing in the office with his toys, happy as a clam) and I FINISHED! I need to write a killer query now. I haven't written a query since I landed my agent in 2002. And since we parted ways in 2005, I haven't really written another query. So, I'm out of practice. I just hope I can get a great HOOK.

Slow day today. Kids are off to school, Hubby is off to work, and all I have to do today is laundry, running to the music store for a flute book, dry cleaners, and Office Max. And going to Office Max is NEVER a chore! Office supply stores are like candy stores for me. Woo!

And now I need to figure out what I want to work on next!! Where's my muse???


Michelle Miles said...

Write the sequel! ;) hehe Glad you got all your edits done. I'm excited for you. This book is going to ROCK. Let me know if I can help!

Lowa said...

That is SO COOL about your kids:) Nice they stayed quiet and didn't wake you too, eh??

I am the same with Office Supply stuff?? What is the deal?? White out (the cool tape kind not liquid) pens, post-its, desk calendars, tacks, paper clips (there are SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS!!!) highlighters, sharpies, white board markers...etc etc. I can't get enough!

Book stores too. Although they are dangerous. I wish I had thousands of dollars to spend in there. Hubby just had to buy me an entire new book shelf for just the books I ordered from Amazon for the kids' school THIS YEAR. I am not quite done, still need spelling for the younger two, math for Princess and History for Cryptic but WOW! I LOVE IT!

Colin said...

Your muse is there - she probably got as much of a shock as you did to see the kids getting themselves ready in the morning, though, so give her some time ;-)