Thursday, September 11, 2008


I just want to stop and take a minute to remember why this day is a day to remember. My thoughts are with the families and people still affected by the horrible events of 9/11.

Status: Grumpy. EXTREMELY grumpy. Then again, I'm a grumpy person in the morning after I've run around yelling at kids to get all their stuff together for school. (Well, only ONE kid, but I digress). The before-school morning chaos is back with a vengeance...

Thanks for all the excellent suggestions and wishes for my submission yesterday. As far as I'm concerned, it's "what submission?" I am one of those types who could drive myself completely bonkers thinking about it:
Oh...the editor could be READING my chapters right now! Or, it could be at the bottom of a HUGE slush pile, and I'll have to wait eons...or maybe, it got LOST in the mail! And I'm ripping my nails for nothing...or maybe the editor is actually OPENING THE ENVELOPE RIGHT NOW!!! I wonder what sort of facial expressions she will have as she reads? Is my query good enough??? Oh, STRESS....she's probably throwing it in the SASE right now...

...SEE?? I could really do a number on myself. So I won't. I'm just going to carry on, and get surprised either way, when I do. :-)

So, Thing Four is 15 months, and it's time to get rid of the bottle. He LOVES his "ba-ba." I mean LOVES it. When he wakes up, he wants to be cuddled and have one. Sure, he drinks a "cuppy" during meals, but when he wakes up from sleep in any form, or is about to participate in sleep of any form, he wants a "ba-ba."

Not any more. I have packed them all away. I have tried "phasing them out" in the past, but I have found that with MY kids, it is best to just do it cold turkey. The "ba ba" is simply not an option any more. So, whenever he wakes up now, I ask him if he wants a "cuppy." Sure he does. Then he realizes he isn't getting a ba ba and gets sad/mad/both. But we're on day three, and he is just fine with the cuppy now. Well, every time except when he first wakes up. He wants to throw it, if I don't cuddle him while he drinks it.

He's a Big Boy now. *sniff* I am not ready for my baby to be a Big Boy!!! Can he go back? Can I turn back the clock just about one year??? Waahhhhh!!!!

*ahem* Okay, I'm fine now. But the Bottle is Gonzo. Such is life. We have now entered the Age Of The Cuppy. (aka Sipper Cup.) Heaven help me.

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Michelle Miles said...

AWW! I was looking at a picture of my baby when he was 9 months old last night and thought - HOW CUTE WAS HE? I wish he was still small but in some ways, I'm so glad he's not. LOL