Thursday, September 18, 2008

Am I Impatient???

Status: Feeling...antsy...

I think the obvious answer would be...YES, I am impatient. Not in everything in life, of course, but in certain ways.

For instance, the research books I ordered through Amazon on Sept. 11th STILL aren't here yet! If I'd ordered them on Ebay, they'd have been here three days ago. :-) Amazon sellers just don't have the motivation to ship quickly. I am impatient when I make a bacon/egg/english muffin with my sandwich maker, and it takes FOREVER to cook the egg. I also absolutely detest when a car pulls out in front of me, and slows down.

Other than that, I'm pretty easygoing. Okay, maybe not so much, but I like to get things done, quickly. I never used to be like this, but in my line of work, (stay home Mom) you have to be on your toes.

My house is full of sickies. Hubby gave his cough/cold to Thing Two, and I suspect Thing Three (since they share a room) is not far behind. I am shielding the baby from ANY contact from the Sickies, and my daughter is a hand-sanitizing germ phobe. She wants to be healthy for Soccer-- and Basketball practices start up next week (eeeks I have to get her physical release note to the Dr. and get it signed!) and she can't afford to be sick.

It's all the weather changes, too. It starts out waayyyy cold in the morning, and is in the 80's by noon. My poor kids are bundled up with jeans and long shirts in the morning, and they come home DYING from heat.

In writing news, I figured out my location for the ancient hill. It seemed the most logical place after I weighed the people who profess it's "the place" and have fact after fact to back their theories up, vs. some of the people out there who just "think" they are right, and have theories but no solid evidence. I like to have solid evidence, or at least a REALLY sound argument, based on facts.

So, that hurdle has been leapt, and now I'm on to the next one. Of course I can't exactly "leap" it until my blasted books from AMAZON get here!!!!! Any day now, people! I'm on a schedule!!!

*ahem* Well, it's Thursday, already. Yesterday at Target I got the absolutely LAST Indiana Jones costume in Thing Two's size. They went really fast. And it isn't even October yet, for two weeks. And then I went to the mall to Boston Store and the baby and I got to look at all the PRETTY CHRISTMAS TREES in the Trim-a-tree department. Yes, Christmas Trees.

I'm telling you, these Holdays are advancing on us with all the subtlety of a Tsunami. It makes me NERVOUS!

Happy Holidays oops I mean THURSDAY!!!

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Anonymous said...

If you really want to make a difference in the sick room, use sage, and a combination of sage and rosemary. They are antibacterial and antiseptic, and work better than Purell.

Seriously, smudge with a sage stick. Or, you can toss a pot on the stove and simmer handfuls of sage and rosemary, letting it get into the air and killing air-borne germs. Once the tincture cools down, wipe down your counters, doorknobs, and bathroom faucets.

There's a reason people have used this stuff for hundreds of years. It works.