Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thanks, everyone, for the comments yesterday. I am doing much better today...I got all my laundry done! I think looking at Mt. Vesuvius in my laundry room could put ANYONE in a bad mood.

Vesuvius is gone, the piles of "to be folded" clothes are gone, (this time I MADE SURE the boys put them in their drawers and hung them up, so they don't end up right back in the dirty clothes basket) and the floor and counter are all clean. *sigh* It will last about a day, but it looks pretty for now.

I feel bad for poor Thing One yesterday. She had school, then girl scouts until 4:30, then Soccer practice at 5pm, and when she got home at 6:30 she only had time to scarf some rewarmed dinner and do a mountain of homework. It was 8:30 before she knew it. She said to me "Mom, I didn't have time to breathe, today!"

I told her "Welcome to my world, sweetie."

Of course she only has girl scouts once a month, so she'll only have about one more crazy monday like that. Today she'll have student council after school. Then I pick her up and we go to the church for Pack Meeting (I have to lug all the kids because I can't leave them and go 30 miles away to the church, NOT comfortable) so it will be interesting today too.

Her basketball practices start up the 29th. Crossover (which inevitably happens when you do multiple sports) can be a BEAR. I told her if she felt like it was too much, she could drop something. She's trying to get on the honor roll this year, because she's in 5th grade and they only allow 5-8th grade on the honor roll. No, she's not an overachiever or anything. She doesn't take after her FATHER at all.

Yes, that's sarcasm. ;-)

Hubby just went to work. He thinks he has a sinus infection, so he's going to the dr. He didn't sleep all night. Guess what? I didnt' either. At 2am I finally told him I was going to the guest room to get some sleep, because I couldn't handle him getting out of bed and pacing every half hour. Poor guy. (I was going to banish HIM to the guest room, but I figured that would be mean.)

I promised a friend I'd give her my leftover boxes from the move. It will be nice to get rid of them. Then I have to go grocery shopping, and make some phone calls. Oh, and mow the lawn. And get Thing One's physical form signed by the pediatrician so she can play sports. Oh, and...



Anonymous said...

And exactly which part of that is the "not working" so many people apply to SAHMs?

Hope things calm down this week.

Michelle Miles said...

Whew. Busy busy!!

But hey - at least the laundry is done, right? :)