Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is it Just Me...

...or is it when Men get sick, they become a tad...wimpy?

Another reason why I'm convinced women are made of stronger stuff in some areas: When we're sick, we can still drag our behinds out of bed and put on lipstick and go to PTA meetings and dance recitals and soccer practices--we still cook meals and drive kids everywhere, because we have to. We take some cold medicine, and deal.

MEN, on the other hand, when they get sick, the world ENDS. When Hubby is sick, it's like I have a fifth child, who can't do anything for himself. (Granted, he just started getting a cold last night, but I can only IMAGINE what the next week or so will be like. FUN FUN FUN.)

It's the same with lack of sleep. When Thing Four was born, I just dealt with the Every Three Hours Day or Night feedings. Hubby took a week off and helped out with the feedings, and after 48 hours he was a MESS.

Granted, we were both zombies, but he was seriously AFFECTED by the lack of sleep.

Women are just tougher. Thank you very much. :-)

Still fleshing out the plot of my story. The plot is easy enough, but the research will take a very long time. I want my research books to get here!!! I'm just a little impatient. :-)

We're falling into a system already, and it's nice. The kids get home from school, and they all gather around the table with a snack, and do their homework. Then they are free to do what they want (NOT VIDEO games, they only play those on Saturdays now) until soccer practice.

It's been very orderly. We need the structure for Thing Two, but it helps the other kids as well. I'm liking the system. Sure, it's not fun to get home from school and do "more school" but then it's done and the rest of the night is free. Unless they have really hard math homework. Then, (and I'm embarrassed to admit this) they have to wait for Hubby to come home and help them.

Yes, I can diagram a sentence, think up 50 words in place of one word, write 100,000+ word novels and type 90 words a minute, but if you set an Algebra problem in front of me I go all "Deer in Headlights" and the wheels of my brain come to a complete standstill. I can't help it. I got shortchanged when they handed out Math Skills in Heaven.

I'm still trying to figure out WHO gave me the "No Good At Math" Gene. Was it Dad? Or Mom?

And Fractions. I quiver in my shoes when my 5th grader asks me about fractions...


Anonymous said...

Of course women are stronger. That's why they carry babies.

Of course, if men had to do that, a way would have been found by now to make it painless.

Anonymous said...

Dad's to blame. I got an A in algebra :-)


Lowa said...

I know just what you mean about the men thing. You have a better attitude about it, though:) I used to get really upset and hurt when hubby would become incapacitated because his nose was stuffy. When did I get a break?? Like you said, we still drive the kids around, cook, clean, etc etc.

The math thing too:) I home school the kids, as you know. I too quake in my boots when it comes to anything past about grade three math! LOL Daddy helps my kids with any of that stuff:)

Michelle Miles said...

We are women, hear us roar. :)

I suck at math, too. I can add and subtract but that's about it. LOL!


Unknown said...

And what do you mean by 'a tad?' Men are never a tad anything. When we are wimpy - we are 100% wimpy!

Besides, we have women convinced that we are wimps when it comes to pain so you will let us do nothing when we are sick. Oops, I'm not supposed to talk about that. ;-)