Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's Postum Weather!

Okay, I'm not one to get political, but Sarah Palin ROCKED last night! She is a force to be reckoned with.
Her quip about Hockey moms brought down MY house, as well as THE house. ;-) I'm sure it's on You Tube if you're interested...

It's FREEZING today. 58 degrees and stormy and rainy. I just got back from taking the kids to school, and I'm about to make a pot of Postum. Yes, Postum. Because until I run out, I'll still be drinking it. I have one unopened jar (I found it when I was cleaning out the pantry, my kids ran upstairs I whooped so loud) and one half used jar. That should get me through this fall and winter, for sure.

Thing One made me laugh this morning. We got her her first pair of "skinny jeans" and she HATES them. They look adorable on her, but she likes loose jeans. She feels like a sausage (her words) and I could shoot her. I'd kill to have her legs. Well, she's almost 11, so naturally she's going to have skinny legs.

Boys are so easy. They'd wear the same thing every day if I let them. :-)

I printed up my novel for Hubby to read. I am nervous, because he believes in my writing, but he's also an avid reader and very picky about his reading material.
This morning, he told me he really liked it so far. He did stay up pretty late reading in bed last night, so maybe that's a good sign?

I've been writing my query letter, and I'm running it by a few trusted writer friends. It's starting to get real, and I'm sending my "baby" off on submission very soon!

Well, time to fold all five loads of laundry I washed yesterday. STIMULATING.


Aimee said...

This year my girls wanted one pair of skinny jeans so they would fit inside their boots. All the European kids wear their jeans tucked into Uggs and other styles of funky boots. We learned the hard way last year that boot cuts just don't tuck in!

Anonymous said...

Every time we're shopping for school clothes, I am sooooo glad I have boys (I'm glad at other times, too, but that's one of those moments where I'm notably glad). Jeans, Tees, Sweatshirts. Under $100 and I've got both of them outfitted for the entire year.

Michelle Miles said...

Boys ARE easy. Jeans and t-shirt. Done!

Your book is amazing!

And Sarah Palin made me laugh out loud more than once! hehehe

Unknown said...

I hope that hubby enjoys the novel. It sounds like he does so far. Good luck with the querry letter - it is always tough taking a 100,000-word novel and boiling it down two a couple of paragraphs.

Lynn Sinclair said...

I wish I had a boy -- most don't care about fashion or whether something makes them "look fat".