Monday, August 01, 2005

Thing Three: Part II

Quote of the Day: "The grass is always greener on the other side -- but that's because they use more manure."--Schapiro's Explanation

Interesting weekend, for sure. Saturday, although busy, was a good day, but Sunday...well...I'm wishing I had a time machine right about now so I could go back and do some MAJOR DISASTER PREVENTION.

You know that old saying about 4-year olds and scissors? (Well, if it isn't an old saying, it should be.) I mean, I never even saw this one coming...

Sunday morning Hubby and I were playing with the kids on the bed, having tickle fights and whatnot, and Thing Three runs up from the basement to join in. He jumped on the bed, and Hubby started giving him a tummy-zerbert, and froze in mid-air above him, and gasped. I was busy tickling my daughter's toes to death, and didn't realize right away until I looked over and saw Thing Three's head.

He had taken scissors and cut a huge bald spot directly in the middle of his hair, just slightly above his forehead.

And we're talking BALD SPOT. He'd cut it that short.

The next few minutes were spent with Thing Three getting alternately swatted by me and "sternly talked to" by Hubby and we finally realized that the only thing to do was to get out the electric razor and shave his head completely. You see, he couldn't have cut the bald spot to the side, or the back, so we could comb over and hide it, NO... it had to be in the EXACT STINKING MIDDLE ABOVE HIS FOREHEAD. I mean, he looked like some ridiculous old man with an odd balding pattern.

So, we plopped him on a bar stool in the bathroom and hubby got to work, shaving his head with a number 2 attachment. (even with his hair that short, you can still see the divot in his head, but we didnt' have the heart to shave him completely bald).

By the end, he was crying, I was crying, and now he looks like a cancer survivor (because his hair is super light blond) and he almost looks (if you squint at him) like a little alien. Of course my dear mother laughed and laughed and laughed (I think I can still hear her laughing) when I told her, but it will be a while before I laugh about it. I mean, school starts in a MONTH for cripe's sake!
I am going today to buy him a baseball cap because I don't want his scalp to burn during Tennis lessons. Needless to say, he'll never take a pair of scissors to his hair again. I couldn't even figure out how he got a hold of any--turns out he stole his big sister's school scissors out of her box, the sneaky little #&**.
This morning has started off lovely too. I just had to go and dump spilled milk (courtesy of Thing Three) out of my brand new running shoes (guess I shouldn't have chucked them by the table when I got back this morning...UGH)

Why me?

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Michelle Miles said...

Oh my... Children... God made them cute for a reason. He knew what He was doing.

Your story reminded me of that Desperate Housewives episode where Lynette's son gets gum in his hair and she has to shave his head. Funny episode.

Hope your shoes recover from the milk. Perhaps you can stick them in the washer?