Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tastes like Chicken...

Quote of the Day: "In America there are two classes of travel - first class, and with children."~Robert Benchley

It’s funny, how one seemingly “normal” thing for an adult, can be disgusting, terrifying, etc. for a child.

Case in point: Hubby and I brought home some Sushi the other night, and we were happily eating our Calamari Salads (the kiddos were eating Sloppy Joes because, frankly, they think Sushi is something you find on the bottom of the shower mat when you pull it up) and Thing Three wandered over and asked me what I was eating. I told him it was “salad” and did he want a bite?
He looked skeptically at my salad of lightly battered Squid and greens and cherry tomatoes, and nodded his head. So I put one in his mouth, and he chewed it, and said it tasted good. So, naturally Things One and Two meandered over, asking if THEY could have a taste. I obliged them, and they all said it tasted good. Then Thing One asked what the little round things were, and I told her. I guess I didn’t expect the reaction I got:


Thing Two: (Spitting noises, alternating with screams of horror) AUWGH!!!

Thing Three: --Well, he didn’t say anything because he had already run to the bathroom and was busy making retching noises and spitting half-chewed squid pieces into the toilet.

Somewhat surprised by their reactions, Hubby sternly told the kids to come back and have another taste of his salad, (because he won't have "wimpy" children, no sir) provoking a literal stampede of screaming and crying all the way up the stairs.
So, he ran up the stairs after them with a forkful of the stuff, for sheer torture purposes. (Okay, I am a cruel parent, I was laughing my head off, and so was he) But I will say it was slightly reminiscent of my childhood, when my dad used to gleefully chase us around the house with a squished spider on a tissue--I don't think I've quite ever recovered.) Needless to say I was very surprised at their reaction!
What resulted: Thing One screaming like she was being murdered, Thing Two locking his door and barricading it with assorted items like luggage, his dresser, etc. and Thing Three (our brave, fearless one) stood defiantly at the top of the steps and said “No Daddy, I don’t want any more!”

We found this highly amusing. Before they knew what Calamari Salad was, it seemed fine. Thing One even confessed afterwards that it “tasted like chicken” and what she found repugnant about it was the fact that it was SQUID. That did it for her. Just knowing what it was.

So, I have learned that next time I want the kids to try something new, I won’t be telling them what it is until AFTER they’ve cleaned their plates.

*Snort* Kids.

Oh, and here is a pic of the most Gutless Turd known to Man:

You're lookin' at him. Cavies are apparently afraid of everything. At least mine is. (The whole Stringing-bells-on-the-back-door-to-alert-us-he-has-to-poop-thing DID NOT go over well yesterday. He was terrified of the bells. Wouldn’t go near ‘em. Nope. No way. I could have coated them in bacon and turkey and hung them out of a side of beef. Wouldn't have done a damn bit of good. He still wouldn't have gone near them. He ran over to his bed to escape, where I shot this pic.) But I still wuv him.


Unknown said...

Really funny post Lara. Very enjoyable to read. Saying hello from Northern Ireland. Nice blog too.

Michelle Miles said...

HEHEHE.. too funny.

You're puppy is sooo cute. I crate trained mine and they learned to woof to go outside when they needed to go.

Colin said...

Aw! Just look at his wee eyes! :-)