Saturday, August 13, 2005

A Delicious Discovery...

I am a novice at jogging. I guess you could technically call what I do "Wogging," because I'm not quite jogging, but I'm not quite walking either. Its a mix of both.

ANYWAY, I have been going out in the early mornings to go "wogging", and there is a community a half mile from my house that is a perfect circle, and the circle is one mile around exactly. So, I usually walk to the circle, wog two times around it, and go home, which is three miles total.

This morning, it was slightly overcast and looked like rain, but I went anyway. When I was halfway through the circle (by a lovely duck pond) I noticed that in the middle of the circle there were a lot of mature trees, and what looked like a park, and a graveled jogging trail, that disappeared into it.

I figured "what the heck, why not?" and detoured onto the jogging trail. To my delight, it took me over a picturesque footbridge, and led me to a "hidden lake" concealed by the deciduous trees, (plus we're talking Weeping Willows, my favorite) and the trail took me all the way around the lake (absolutely gorgeous, lush vines and trees reflecting in the still water, beautiful scenery, etc.) and then the trail spit me right back out on the road.

What a treat! It felt like I was jogging in my own little park, (or my own little grounds in the English Countryside) and the lake was like glass, still and perfect. It was serene and lovely--and I am looking forward to jogging it again. I just can't believe I've lived here nearly three years and haven't discovered it before this!

...Yikes, time to shower and have lunch and get ready to run all over the place with the fam, but I just had to share. How fun!


Colin said...

It sounds wonderful. Devon's right - pictures MUST find their way to your blog. :-)

Ann said...

Wogging! I love it - that's what I do. (or maybe at the speed I go it's more like jawking - hee hee)

Michelle Miles said...

Yeah! Pictures please. Sounds great! :)