Friday, August 19, 2005

10 Things I Love and Hate

Movie Quote of the Day: “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”—Han Solo, Star Wars

First off, Congratulations to Michelle Miles for finishing her KIC Romance Serial, Scars of Yesterday. You can view the press release here.

Now, as part of a challenge thrown out by Michelle the other day, I am going to list 10 things that I love. So here goes:

(Now, I’m not going to name OBVIOUS things, like my children, Hubby, dog, house, etc. I am also going to not name the romantic things that I like, because, well, that’s personal, and this is the Internet. I am going to name things people wouldn’t generally know about me—so don’t be appalled that my children and Hubby aren’t on this list.)

1) I love it when the sun is shining brightly, but it’s raining at the same time.
2) I love it when I get sucked into the story I’m writing, and I’m in my own world, and nothing else exists for that space of time.
3) I love warm, fresh baked bread (with margarine—GOSH I love that)
4) I love sleeping. I have come to appreciate sleep, because of the lack therof, since I’ve had kids. Sleep RULES. And did I say I have a VERY comfy bed? Ahhhh.
5) I love History. Give me antiques, books on long-ago civilizations, anything that has to do with archaeology, anthropology, Things of the Past, etc. I would never want to live in the Past (too crude for this Technology Girl) but I love to read about and study it. Right now I’m obsessed with Ancient Egypt, and the Tudor/Stuart Periods.
6) Jane Austen Books, Movies, etc. Anything about Jane Austen. She’s my Girl.
7) Really really really REALLY good music. Of course it depends on my mood at the time what that particular music is, but I would die without music.
8) Shopping. At the risk of being a cliché—I love shopping. Craft Stores, Department stores, Target, EBAY, and I especially LOVE BOOKSTORES. I could spend hours in them. Half-Price Books, Barnes & Noble, Borders. I even love going to the Grocery store. (That’s considered “shopping” too, isn’t it?) It’s good therapy.
9) Hugs. I LOVE hugs. From my kids, my husband, people I know well. There’s something about the power of touch that really cures the cold pricklies in people. No one can have too many hugs.
10) Learning new things. I think it’s important to try new things, and learn new things. Being “set in your ways” is boring. You should be open to experiencing the good things in life, like learning to knit a sweater, or climb a 500-foot cliff, or make a really yummy Thai meal. Well-rounded people learn new things, as often as they can.

And for fun, here are a few things I HATE:

1) People who use other people
2) Slow put-put drivers in BIG cars so you can’t get around them.
3) Cleaning toilets.
4) Ignorance
5) Apathy
6) Kids with boogers in their noses. (I am a control freak about this—I have removed boogers from my daughter’s nose with tweezers before. Is that bad?)
7) Rudeness
8) My mother’s carrot and potato and hamburger casserole that she made me choke down when I was a kid. BARF. Those slimy potatoes haunt my dreams.
9) People who talk during the movie. (I actually have feelings of violence towards them)
10) Rejections from Editors who say they really like the story, and hope they’re not making a mistake in rejecting it. (So DON’T!)

And that's it! Of course there's more, but I got in the highlights. What a fun idea. Thanks Mik!


Michelle Miles said...

Okay.. I posted 10 More Things I Love today and we have two of the same items! LOL

Han.. MMmMm.. love him!

AND.. I have a list of 10 Things That Annoy The Hell Out Of Me. Coming soon. haha

Sandy J said...

When my kids were little and I had a choice between eating or sleeping I chose sleeping everytime. Good job on the list!