Thursday, July 14, 2005

One Day to Go!!!

Quote of the Day: "When you're dead, you're dead."--J.K. Rowling

Here are some fun Harry Potter-related links I just discovered:

Bloomsbury just released the BACK cover of HBP WITH the words! (warning, spoiler alert)

The Secret Doors Of J.K. Rowling's official website. HP Lexicon has cleverly reproduced them so you can open the door to the "Room of Requirement" again and again. But watch out for Peeves!

Also, Scholastic has released the full cover art for the HP Deluxe Edition, and it is VERY interesting. Harry and Dumbledore are making their way to an old dilapidated house in the woods, and it looks like a mystery man (Wormtail?) is making his way to the front door, which, by the way, has a serpent very clearly on it. (Can't be very good news for anyone who stumbles upon it, you know?)

There are lots of articles cropping up about IDIOTS at retailers selling the new Book Six early. I guess it's going to happen--there are people in this world (I was one of them until my sister persuaded me to give the series a try) who don't have a clue who Harry Potter is and for all they know, Dumbledore is some sort of Door-knocker you can buy at Home Depot.
So, when they get the books delivered to their shop/store/drugstore, DESPITE the flaming words across the packaging which read: DO NOT OPEN UNTIL JULY 16TH, they still open the box and put the durned things out. (I don't know about these people-- you have to have been dwelling under a ROCK for the past six months to not know what's going on...)

I will be content to get mine in the mail on Saturday. (I was the one of the first to order it way back in January (or was it december?) when Amazon first had it available. Let me tell you this--if my copy doesn't come in the mail for some strange reason, I WILL be going to the nearest store and buying a copy--AS IF I would go an entire weekend without reading it!

--On the writing front, I have been just too darn busy! My Hubby and I have had a lot going on, and although I did sit down for about 20 minutes last night to write (we must have missed each other, Michelle!) I only got out about 400 words out, and I had to go do something else. BAH.
I think I might make some time today--and maybe...hmmm...SURF the Internet less? (when I do surf, it's all in the name of Research, baby, research)

One Day to Go!


Michelle Miles said...

I got just over 3000 words yesterday! But then, I wrote most of the day, too. I hate we missed each other!

Lara said...

I didn't think about that, Devon. You bring up a very good point.