Saturday, July 09, 2005

My Day So Far...

Quote of the Day: "Any mother with more than one child should be well versed in Guerilla Warfare..."--Leigh Claire

Okay. I'm not sure how the rest of the day will turn out, but this saturday has definitely SUCKED so far.

First off, I have been dragging my butt because I had to wake up at odd hours in the night with a sick child to comfort/give medicine/drinks of water/tlc, etc.. So I am a walking Zombie to begin with. (Guess I should have turned in before 2am, rather than after...but I digress...)

Like a complete raving idiot, I gave Thing Three his dose of antibiotics medicine when he woke up, before he had anything to eat. So, I'm in my room, making my bed, and Thing Three comes bursting in:

"Mommy, I don't feel good. BULUAAAGHHHHH! (insert splatting noises here.)

Needles to say, he barfed all the lovely bubblegum-pink antibiotics medicine all over my VERY light beige carpet, and I shrieked and ran him to the toilet, where he puked two more times, with amazing gusto, while his sister ran screaming into her room and hid under her bed with her fingers in her ears.
Once I had made sure that he was alright, I got him into bed and RAN LIKE HELL downstairs to get the carpet cleaner, baking soda, etc. praying fervently that I would be able to get the stains out.
Naturally, in my haste to grab out the club soda, I knocked into the fresh pitcher of pink lemonade (WITHOUT a lid) and it fell off the top shelf of the fridge, splattering everywhere on my hardwood floors.

At this point all my kids came running because I was absolutely SHRIEKING.
Here was my dilemma: do I ignore the lemonade and run upstairs to save the carpet (because that pink poison has been seeping into it for about 10 minutes already) or do I clean up the lemonade, because if I don't, my wood floor will be ruined in a matter of minutes from the lemon acid?
So, I hurriedly grabbed a towel out of the laundry room, soaked up the lemonade, and barked at Thing One to finish cleaning it up, while I ran upstairs and started trying to get the stains out.

I think I used too much baking soda, because now I have a slab of white crust covering all the carpet. But thank heaven the stains are out, and I'll just wait for it to dry and vacuum it all up.

THEN, I realized that we were down to one dose of Motrin, and since Hubby is out of town, I had to shove breakfast down the kids and drag all three of them to Target (I put Thing Three in the cart with a ziploc bag in case he lost his breakfast too) and Thing Two decided that it had been too long since his last "Spaz Attack" in a public place, and so I had to endure his random bursts of Tap Dancing, doing the YMCA and otherwise competely humiliating Spazziness. (I suspect he's a tad sick of staying home too, but I can't very well go to the park or anything with a kid who has Strep and a high fever. (By the way, his fever got up to 103.5 yesterday, I FREAKED...)

And of course, when we got home, we discovered that the dog had pooped all over, DIARRHEA inside the house. (I had suspected Thing Three of feeding the dog his slice of pepperoni pizza last night, this CONFIRMS my suspicions, that little turd).

So I'm sitting here, slightly shell-shocked, having cleaned up vomit, spilled lemonade and slimy dog poo, wondering what the rest of the day will hold. I am waiting for Hubby to call (he's at his parent's house in Idaho for their Ruby Wedding, having a blast with his siblings) and ask me how my day has been going.

I think I'll tell him.

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Michelle Miles said...

OH YOU POOR THING. You're due for a hot both and a glass of wine and maybe even a chick flick. Here's hoping the rest of the day/weekend is MUCH better.