Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Need Sleep...

Quote of the Day: "If you want a rainbow--you have to put up with the rain."

Okay, that's TOTALLY corny, but very true. Especially in the Writing Career. If you want that Big Sale, (or even a small sale) you have to put up with all the "rain"--Rejections, waiting, editors, waiting, disappointments, waiting, writer's block, waiting, etc. (and did I mention WAITING??) Bah.
The hardest part for me is the waiting. Sometimes it's weeks, sometimes it's months. And that is truly torturous.

Sure, you try to delve into other projects, anything to get your mind off the fact that your manuscript is either sitting in a large slushpile, or in the "urgent" slot of an editor's inbox (depending on the connections of your agent, lack of one, etc.) and of course you have days when all you can do is think about if they're "reading it right now," and "what are they thinking" and "do they love your baby like YOU love your baby?" etc.. It's pure torture. Utter and complete.

I am exhausted. Of course, like an idiot I stayed up until 2am tinkering with my website. I've had it up for a couple of years because some people at church were very interested in the fact that I'm a writer, and a lot of young girls wanted to know how they could get published, land agents, write, etc.
So I started this website mainly for them, (so when they ask me questions I just hand them my card and they can look them up, because I was getting asked the same questions over and over) but I decided to revisit it and make some changes. It's my first website and I'm proud of it. I'll put the link in my "Pretty Dang Cool Links" section too. I confess I am still quite "green" in the writing business, but I know enough to get by.

I got 1500 words out yesterday. I would have gotten out more, but I was editing. Editing sucks your life away, and makes you tired, I swear. Also we'd had a long day with Tennis and T-ball and Gymnastics lessons. My kids didn't even want to play after we got home. They wanted to fall straight into bed so I was happy to oblige.
Today we have a break from sports, so we're going to swim and hang out and relax. (Sorry Colin, I'm mentioning the POOL again!) It's just so refreshing, and I let my kids play for hours in it...

Some of my writer friends, Ann, Devon and Michelle were talking about Writing Muses on their blogs. Their muses are in human form, but I don't think my muse ever has been. I know she's a SHE, and she's like a shimmering silvery vapory mist. If anything, she might resemble Mrs. Which, from A WRINKLE IN TIME--she never materializes fully, just a pair of glasses on some flowing sheets. That's how my muse has always been. And she's not cheeky or rude or obnoxious, but she whispers to me and she guides me with absolute patience and gentle enthusiasm. I love my muse. She's been with me the past few weeks--and I don't want to offend her so I'm working hard.

Speaking of which, I have errands to run! I have to find the balance between Mommy and Writer--someday I'll get it, like about the time my babies leave home...



Michelle Miles said...

Congrats on the writing! Hubby is going to OKlahoma City Thurs. and Fri., so I'll have tomorrow night to write! HOORAY!

(I'm doing a read-through of the draft so far, so I'm editing today.)

Ann said...

Thanks for linking me! And I love your muse - I remember Mrs. Which so well - she was great.

And good luck on what you are waiting for!