Monday, July 18, 2005

The "Larasphere"...

Quote of the Day: The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.

I actually got some writing done yesterday, about 1600 words, which is a minor miracle considering how stupefied my brain felt after my Harry Potter read-a-thon.
It’s funny, a writer in the forum I lurk at, (unless there's a post about the boy wizard) screamed in all caps yesterday “I AM SO SICK OF HARRY POTTER!!!” Can’t say I blame her. The non-readers will never understand.

Now I’m getting back to normal, I have lots of dishes to clean, and a house to tidy, a novel to write (two, actually, but I’m more excited about one of them right now) and I think if I really push it, I’ll have it finished by September. First Draft, for sure. I just need to keep plowing away on it. If I knock out 1k to 2k a day, I’ll definitely reach my goal of 40,000 by then.

Writing for children comes so easily for me. Maybe it’s because deep down, I still am a child. I like to be na├»ve at times, and think the world is a good place. I like to think that there are happy endings. I like to think that people out there give a dang and that things can be good and noble and true.

Guess I’d better stay away from the news! Life completely sucks for a lot of unfortunate people out there, I read about them or watch it on TV every day. It can really get one down—that’s why I turn to writing. It’s my escape, into my own world, so I don’t have to deal constantly with the Real World. That would be too much for every day.

I’m sure that’s not a good thing to do, but it gives me hope and preserves my enthusiasm for Life in general. Without Writing and that escape into my own “Larasphere” I would soon become an embittered cynical skeptic, and find little joy in anything.

That’s not what I want for me. So, into the Larasphere I go. It’s a nice place. I’m in a cozy old castle, staring out at the gray mists of the English moors, with a roaring fire inside and drowsy lamplight warming the overstuffed chair I’m sitting in as I type. There are tapestries and rich paintings on the walls, and I can hear the distant tinkering of some classical piece on a piano several rooms down, echoing quietly, mixing with my thoughts.
Yes, the Larasphere is a much nicer place to be.

Gotta forego the Larasphere for reality for a while--I have a TON of errands and little jobs to do today, including cleaning the house. Man, it's amazing what the Weekend Tornado can accomplish, if I'm not keeping Him in check. (More like three "little" tornados-in-training but same difference). I make them help me clean now. They really hate cleaning. So I tell them not to mess things up, and they won't have to do so much! *wink*

I guess the Larasphere has to wait until tonight...


Michelle Miles said...

I love getting lost in my own little world. It's hard to pull back sometimes when I'm in deep. I like your Larasphere - it sounds wonderful. :)

Ann said...

Larasphere sounds like a great place.

I can relate- one reason I like writing historicals is the whole escape/getting lost in another world thing. Such a wonderful break from our sordid world of today.

Colin said...

Re your quote of the day. I'm blind without my contacts, so what does that mean for me!!??!? ;-)