Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Odds and Ends.

I hope everyone had a happy President's Day. My kids were in school, to make up for snow days. Which was fine, but it was 75 degrees out and it would have been more fun to PLAY outside!

Things are starting to turn green, here. I see green mist in the trees around the neighborhood, the birds are all crazy chattering in the mornings, and it is balmy and warm. Gotta love Spring! For someone who has lived in a Frozen Tundra the last seven years (Wisconsin) it was usually about a foot of frozen snow on the ground in February. Spring never really happened until MAY. Just sayin'...

Had a checkup at the Dentist yesterday. No cavities. :-) In fact, he told me I have nice strong teeth. Which was nice to hear. I fully admitted to him I only floss about three times a week (okay, stop gasping) and he said that was more than most people. Since Hubby flosses morning and night, I was ready for a good chastising, but apparently I'm...normal. Hooray!

The primary president and I were chatting in the hall at church on Sunday and she asked me if I was expecting. I was like, huh??? She said the only reason she was asking was because ONE OF MY SONS was telling everyone at Tuesday night activities I'd just found out I was having a baby, and the rumors were rampant.

After making a mental note to string my son up by his toes (after I found out which son it was!) I told her that no, we are done having kids and four is enough, thank you very much. After church we found out it was Thing Two, who insists he was joking, but we had to explain to him that MOST kids don't pick up on SARCASM.

Sheesh. Kids. Oy.

 I've drained my orange juice, so it's time to get going. Happy Tuesday!


Unknown said...
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Devon Ellington said...

It's snowing here. Again. Sigh.

Brenda said...

HAHAHAHA! Those darn kids. As for spring, wait a week or two and everything will have a yellow tinge from the pine tree pollen. Hold on to your allergey meds!

Okay, my word verification is pulirker. I can use that!