Monday, February 21, 2011

Darn You, Lego Harry Potter!!!

Thing Four (who is three) is obsessed, OBSESSED I tell you, with Lego Harry Potter. I have the app on my iPad, and he wants to play it all the time. Of course, since I'm a fabulous mom and he could be doing other things like reading books and memorizing the periodic table, etc. etc., I LIMIT his time playing this game.

It really is a cute game. It's Harry Potter, years 1-4, in Legos. The cut scenes are adorable. The play is fun, not unlike the regular EA games. But there's a hitch: you have to "trace" the shape of a spell, to cast it. Guess who lacks the fine motor skills to trace these complicated shapes? (Because he's three.) Yep. Thing Four. So, literally, when he plays it, he is asking me or Hubby every ten seconds or so, to trace a shape. It's become a source of frustration in our family. He really wants to play the game, we really don't want to sit there with him and trace the spell shapes. I walked in on Hubby yesterday, who was lying down on the bed after church with Thing four, and Hubby (half asleep) was tracing shapes for Thing Four with one eye open. It was hilarious. He looked at me and said "I've been doing this for 45 minutes."

My response? "Welcome to my world."

And you know how 3-year olds are. They watch movies 5086 times in a row. They fixate. They get obsessed. Thing Four SOBS if I tell him he can't play this game. He is an angel and gets all excited and fun to be around when I grudgingly let him play the game.


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