Friday, February 04, 2011

Go GREEN This Weekend!!!

Cross all your fingers and toes! Our house is going to be overrun (20 people but who's counting?) and we will be wearing our green! Go Packers!!!

We had a crazy day, yesterday. I'm not going into detail, but it was scary enough for me to pull Thing Three out of school and take him home with me. I'm just glad he's safe, and unharmed. (An incident on the school bus.) He's fine today, luckily he has a pretty cheerful disposition so he escaped relatively unscathed. Although I truly think if my neighbors could arm themselves with torches and pitchforks, they WOULD. It's been interesting.

Poor Thing One is sick again. She JUST had the flu two weeks ago, now it's a head cold. She got it from a friend, I'm pretty sure. Why can't cold viruses be the SAME?? Once you get a cold, then you're done and immune for the rest of the season. But no, there have to be different strains and mutations and all that crud. And I can only IMAGINE what she's getting exposed to at school. I should have stayed away from the "What Germs Are On/In Your Body" exhibit at the Discovery museum. I really should have. **shudder**

Have a good weekend, everyone! GO GREEN BAY!!!!!

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Devon Ellington said...

Have fun with the game, glad Thing Three is okay, and hope Thing One feels better soon.