Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lions and Monkeys and Zebras, Oh My...

Thing Four and I went on a walk yesterday on the nature trail by our house. The trees haven't bloomed, yet, but there were a few green things poking up. Thing Four has always loved the nature trail. He thinks there are monkeys hiding in the trees, and Lions and Zebras and Giraffes. :-)

Three-year olds are imaginative, that way. ;-)

By the time we were heading back for home, he wasn't "running" any more. In fact, he wanted to hitch a ride on mommy. Well, we had gone a mile and a half so I don't blame him. I gave him a piggy-back the rest of the way. Which proved problematic with slippy-slidey track pants...

Here's a funny: Whenever we walk up the stairs together, Thing Four "races" me and of course, I always let him win. Or we "tie." The other day I was running around right before we were leaving to run some errands, and I forgot something in my room. Apparently Thing Four decided to "race" me up the stairs to my room, but I was deep in thought and took the stairs two at a time, not realizing what he was doing. I came back out of my room to see him standing on the stairs, dumbstruck, his little mouth open in shock.
"What's wrong?" I asked him. His response:

"MOM, you won the race! You beat me! You don't do that to a three-year old!!!!"

Yes, honest-to-gosh, he really said that. Oh boy.

Today is going to be a lot of running around. Which is fine, but I am cringing at the $3.25 for REGULAR UNLEADED gasoline. I'm sure prices are higher elsewhere, but I have a gas-guzzler. That's why I go to South Carolina to buy my gas. ;-) It's loads cheaper.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Devon Ellington said...

Yeah, the gas prices suck. In NY, they're up to $3.49/gallon regular. I've got a place in RI I always stop where it's $3.25, and a couple of favorite local places where it's even less. But on the Cape, it's averaging between $3.25/$3.30.

I'm lucky -- I get awesome gas mileage, even with the heat on and the radio up. And the VW is great in all weather, which other cars I've driven are not!

I'm very grateful for those blessings!

If I had a gas guzzler at this point, I'd have to sell it and get something else. It wouldn't work on a freelancer's pay.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we go to Idaho to get our gas. Last week it was under $3.00!