Monday, February 28, 2011

My Academy Award-Nominated Role...

Sorry, feeling a little snarky this morning...

Okay is it me, or were the Academy Awards just sort of...Meh? Everyone I thought was going to win, did. No surprise, there. James Franco as host was about as exciting as a Tax Seminar. Even in Marylin Monroe getup. Anne Hathaway was adorable, but she needed a host partner, not a Tax Seminar.

I love how Colin Firth thanked his wife for sticking with him through thick and thin. Honey, I've stuck with you through thick and thin, too. You deserve it. You are forever my Mr. Darcy. :-)

Good thing Natalie Portman isn't married yet. Otherwise the Oscar Curse would be something to worry about. Unless they're SECRETLY married...

Okay, snark over.

We had a good weekend. GO BYU!!! I wanted to run around outside in my Jimmer jersey after their win, but I resisted. I've bragged about that, already, right? I have a SIGNED by the MAN HIMSELF Jimmer Jersey. #32. Yes, my BIL, who works closely with the BYU sports program, gave us one for Christmas. I need to get it shadow boxed asap!

Anyway, Hubby left for NYC this morning. He took his long wool coat. Funny, it's going to be 82 degrees today, and he's going to need a coat in New York. It was 70 and gorgeous here on Saturday, and we looked at the Pewaukee, WI weather (where I used to live) and it was like NINE degrees and SNOWING. Yikes!

All the trees are blossoming, here. Charlotte sure is starting to get beautiful!

I hope everyone has a happy Monday. On the schedule for the week, CLEAN THE HOUSE. Exciting, I know.

But hey, at least I get to ACT a little this week! The Academy better be watching my performance! On Thursday night we're having a church meeting and I get to play the part of Virgin #6 in the Parable of the Ten Virgins story. Yeah, that Virgin # 6, she was spunky! She wasn't wise, (that part was already taken, darn it) but man, she knew how to have a good time! Wooooweee!
(okay, Mom, stop LAUGHING!!!)



Devon Ellington said...

Her fiance happens to be a really great guy with the NYCB, well-known and liked by those of us who've worked in NY.

Michelle Miles said...

I didn't care for James Franco and Anne Hathaway started getting on my nerves with all her girlie "WOO!" stuff whenever she announced someone, esp. Steven Spielberg. He's STEVEN SPIELBERG. Don't "woo" at him. What are you, 12?

Not blogging said...

Why is it so difficult to find someone who knows how to host?