Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Stressed Out.

First off, HOORAY PACKERS!!!! The game was a "little" stressful for us, but they hung in there at the end, even with all the injuries to their offensive lineup. *WHEW!*

I had some seriously stressful dreams last night. I was young again (college age) and I hadn't gone in to work for a while, and I heard I had been "fired" because of too many no-shows. And I was completely guilt-ridden over it. Weird. I never missed work when I was in college. I couldn't afford to. ;-)

Thing One is feeling better, but now my two older boys are complaining of sore throats. Strep is going around, so THAT is exactly what I need. It's probably viral, because Thing One is complaining that I didn't let her stay home from school when her throat hurt, so I think they have what she had. But who knows. I am not a physician. I just know when your whole throat hurts from chest to chin, as opposed to just the tonsil area, something is UP. Stress.

And on top of that I have other stressful things going on, that I can't really talk about. No, I'm not pregnant, and no, we're not relocating. We're staying right in Charlotte, thank you very much. ;-) Just...STRESS.

Hubby stayed home from work yesterday with an upset stomach (I suspect it was all the food we pigged out on for the Superbowl!) and he and I were talking yesterday, and I mentioned we'd be "stupid" not to do something, and Thing Four (who is three) immediately piped up: "Are you calling me STUPID???"

I assured him that no, I was just "saying that" to be silly. A few minutes later, I was talking and Thing Four looks up and says "MOM! You're really going to string (Thing Two) up by his toes???"

Good grief. I really need to watch what I say from now on! Three-year old's don't really "get" figures of speech. And I'm kind of the QUEEN of those. So, I have to watch what I say. Which is not easy for me.



Devon Ellington said...

Hope the stress eases up. And that everyone is healthy soon. School is like being backstage -- you're living in a petrie dish, and everything keeps getting passed around six times before it's done.

Have you been writing lately? Maybe that's the "job" you're not showing up for?

Thing Four is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the stress. Eat chocolate!