Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well Darn It.

Thing One is sad. She says the coach put her with all these "portly" girls who can't play basketball (during tryouts last night), and put all the really "good" players together and he's given them nicknames and he never even looks at her. And she got stuck with a bunch of gabby girls who wanted to gab instead of shoot hoops, and the asst. coach got them all in trouble for talking, and of COURSE Thing One wasn't talking, but since she was with them, it was "guilt by association."
My heart is breaking for her, not only because she clearly isn't going to make the team, but because the coach is so blatantly playing favorites. And Thing One is actually good at basketball! She played on her 5th and 6th grade teams and she started every time! I know, you're probably thinking since I'm her mother I'm "blinded" by love --but I'm not hard wired that way. I'm not a mom who is deluded about her kids. I see their flaws, I love them anyway, BUT-- I also recognize when they have natural talent. And she DOES. And the fact that she's getting overshadowed and lost in the mix just kills me.

What can a parent do? I will sign her up for Rec basketball but her heart won't be in it. We're already starting to pump her up, to help her feel good about herself because we see the writing on the wall. It's heart-wrenching, to see your child want something and not get it.

I know, I'm being pessimistic but it seems pretty clear. The last night of tryouts is tonight. I told her to work hard, and try and stand out. What else can I say? She's trying her best, and if she doesn't get it, at least she knows she tried the best she could, and put all her effort into it.

Still sucks, though.

Busy day. Joy of joys.


Devon Ellington said...

I think she should talk with the coach. Okay, first I wrote "confront", but "talk" is probably a better place to start. She should tell the coach honestly that she feels she's not being given a fair shot, and ask him/her how to proceed. She's old enough to do that.

Are there regional teams she could join?

The other option is to blow off the local and go state-wide -- better players and more impact.

Best wishes to her!

Aimee said...

I know here in Virginia it is VERY tough to make sports teams because kids are trained from the time they walk to play extremely well. Despite Andrea's height, I'll be surprised if she makes the basketball team because she's been out of practice the past two years, despite playing in the travel league in 5th and 6th grade. Her peers will look like machines compared to her. But I think it is still good for kids to try out. You never know?!?

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I hate this. School sports politics are the WORST! It's bad even when you've lived in an area all your life -- even worse for the new girl. You're in a very competitive sports school.

I agree with Devon and suggest she talk to the coach. Have her ask him/her what she needs to work on to make the team next year.

Also, if she joins the rec league and stands out then she'll certainly get noticed for next year. Most of those girls who'll make the team started in rec leagues and "stood out".

KittyCat said...

That always sucks. I agree yoy gave her the best advice, Stand out.

They will see it. Then again there are alot of politics that go hand in hand with sports.

My soccerboy knows that oh so well.

Good luck