Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stomach Flu, Fevers and Broken Feet, Oh MY...

If you have a minute, hop on over to the writing blog--I've got some news!

Isn't it funny how life works? You're cruising along, minding your own business, and then WHAM! The cosmos hits you with all sorts of challenges. Well, that's why we're here, right? To live life--even through the challenges?

My challenges over the past few days have been in the form of fevers, barfing kids, Eczema (just in one teeny spot under Thing Four's right eye, what is up with that?) and yes...a foot with a fracture.

We took Thing Three to the pediatrician yesterday, and I've decided I may be dumping this one. They are great doctors, but they have to send you across town for X-rays. Because all they do in their office is "see" kids. They don't have a lab or imaging lab, or anything. I guess we were spoiled because my last pediatrician was in a facility that had EVERYTHING. All the tests, labs, etc. were all done "in house."

I've found a family practice that is highly recommended, so we might just have to switch to that. Especially with the history of my kids, we always need some sort of x-ray or lab every time we visit.

So, today we get to go to the Orthopedic doctor and see how bad it is. I have the x-ray films on a disc (because the imaging lab and the ortho doctor are different networks and don't communicate) and I'm hoping it's not bad. And yes, I feel bad because he was being all melodramatic about his foot and I was basically annoyed with him, and now, I realize he had GOOD REASON to be. I'm an awful mom.

So, I ghosted my neighbors last night. We have a pretty friendly cul-de-sac, with the exception of Those Neighbors. They keep to themselves, no one talks to them, and they don't talk to anyone. I mean, they keep their house and yard up impeccably, and I've seen them come and go, but they make ZERO effort to socialize with the rest of us. So, naturally, they hadn't been ghosted yet last night. In fact, EVERY door but theirs, had an "I've Been Ghosted" sign. I couldn't help but wonder--since I know nothing about these people, are they afraid of Halloween? Are they some religious spin off that will be offended by a bag on their doorstep that has a jack-o-lantern on it?

I decided to risk it--Thing Two and I left the bag on their doorstep and rang the bell twice, and ran. (Well, HE ran, I sort of hid) Nothing. I could see them watching TV inside, they definitely heard the bell. We went to one cul-de-sac over and left another bag, and came back, and the bag was still on their doorstep. This time, *I* ran over and rang the doorbell, twice. And hid. I even heard the doorbell.

They looked up, but didn't come to the door! And this morning, wouldn't you know it, the bag is STILL on their front porch! Weird. I mean, if someone rings my doorbell, I ANSWER it. Unless I'm in some state of undress, or it's that Creepy Kid from down the block.

Oh well. I had good intentions.

Here's hoping we get good news today about the foot..I know Thing Three is probably done playing soccer this season, but hopefully he'll be able to do the tournament in November...


Unknown said...

Lame neighbors!!! Who does that??

Devon Ellington said...

Hopefully you'll find a good doctor soon and the kids won't need to go so often!

"Ghosting" sounds like fun. We used to do that backstage -- we'd "Boo" each other. Sort of a warm-up for Secret Santa!

Anonymous said...

Watch it, they probably have a meth lab or an acre of pot growing under UV lights in their basement. Oh wait . . . sorry that's my neighbors. Just kidding.

I hear ya about the Orthopedic docs. If it's Ortho Carolina and they start talking about growth plates and surgery - LOOK OUT and definitely get a second opinion.

I know a mom who listened to her daughter complain about pain in her forearm for over a week. She finally took her to the doctor and found out it was broken. The doctors had to break it again to correct it. She felt soooo bad. We all do it.

Aimee said...

Twenty years ago I knew a couple who had this sign posted by their front door (all fancy and carved in wood): "We welcome visitors but only if you call first and make an appointment." For real. I'm guessing they're the ones now living next door to you. Or maybe it was some amazing sports game on T.V. that could be stopped for nothing? Oh well. At least you tried.