Monday, October 11, 2010


Okay, this weekend was INSANE!!! I was running from morning until night, with no breaks whatsoever! I won't go into a play-by-play, let me just say this was me, all weekend:
I am glad it's over. And I will probably NEVER sign my kids up for any early-morning sports clinics on Saturdays, EVER again. Saturdays are the one day in the week we can sleep in, because all other mornings are taken with school and church.


Kids are home from school today. I haven't planned anything fun, we may go and see "Secretariat." We all have wanted to see that one since they started previewing it a few months ago. I know, it's been called "corny" in reviews but we don't care. We like corny and happy. We are a rare breed. ;-)

We started a little fun "tradition" yesterday, since it was 10/10/10. At 10:10 am, we figured it was the luckiest minute of the year, so we all made a wish! I mean, how often does 10:10 on 10/10/10 come around? We figure we have two more years of lucky minutes, on 11/11/11 and 12/12/12, and then we're done for the century. Pretty cool, huh?

I hope everyone has a good day. And if you haven't gotten your Fall stuff up, you need to get on it!


Devon Ellington said...

What a great idea for a new tradition!

I plan to see SECRETARIAT, and will probably sob my way through it. You should have seen me during SEABISCUIT! ;)

Anonymous said...

That's why I'm so glad that my youngest didn't sign up for football this year. Those 8 am games and Saturday practices were awful.