Monday, October 18, 2010

I'd Rather Shoot My Face Off Than Watch A Dozen Nine-year Olds.

Thing Four has "rediscovered" Toy Story lately. This morning he was running after his brother and he tripped, did a somersault, and ended up on his rear end. I saw the whole thing, and went running to assess the damage.

ME: "Are you okay, sweetie?? Did you fall down?"

THING FOUR: "No, mom, I was falling-- with style!"

Of all my kids, so far, he is the most like a sponge. He absorbs everything he hears and sees. It's kind of scary, actually, the amount of information he can recall. You know that "Owls of G'ahoole" or whatever movie? In the previews they have this owl with a british accent say "I want to be a GAH-Dian." (Guardian) Well, Thing Four was running around yesterday telling me he wanted to see the "Owl movie with the GAH dians." I had to laugh and tell him the correct way to pronounce "Guardian," but it made me realize even more I have to be extra careful what I say around him. Especially his older brothers, who, let's just say don't exactly use words or phrases I would want my three year old saying. We'll leave it at that.

Had a very long, very busy weekend. We are doing our Primary program rehearsals, for the big Annual Primary Program Presentation this Sunday at church. This is the first time in years I have actually been a teacher who has to sit with the kids in the stands as they perform. (Usually I am the one out in front, leading them in singing.) I have to say, I completely understand why the teachers of the years past acted the way they acted. They all have the same look: dazed and weary. Let's just say after two hours of rehearsal and trying to coordinate/keep track of a dozen nine year olds I was wishing I had some duct tape and a tranquilizer dart gun. Maybe even a straight jacket or two. I was NOT having fun. They were all a mess. Talking when they weren't supposed to be, missing the cue to stand up and sing, hitting each other, annoying each other, annoying ME, making paper airplanes/assorted weapons out of their sheet music, etc. etc. etc. And one of them thought it would be HILARIOUS to sing "SWALLOW the Prophet--he is the Prey" instead of "Follow the Prophet, he knows the way" and he had all the little five years olds around us gleefully giggling and singing it, while I wanted to put my head in my hands and cry. At one point I texted Hubby and told him I wanted to shoot my face off.

Oh well. Maybe I'm too old for patience. ;-)

Thing One's first day of Basketball tryouts went well, I am pleased to say! At least, that's what she said. She has another grilling tryout tonight. Tomorrow is the last. STRESS!

Lots to do today, I'd better get on it.


Chris said...

LOL Sis!!!

Anonymous said...

No kidding....LOL


Anonymous said...

Good luck the Thing 1!

What you're going through is EXACTLY why I don't volunteer to do anything with kids!

Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh. I meant good luck to Thing 1. I am such a goof!