Thursday, October 28, 2010

Run Run As Fast As You Can... can't catch me, I'm the elusive "Time for Yourself" Man!

Remember how that infuriating gingerbread man would taunt his would-be ingestors? Yeah, he was annoying. I'm glad he got "ate up." Well, imagine him as a big ol' clock with legs instead. That's how I feel. A.K.A. I am starting to feel the "Holiday Crunch." It starts mid-October, and doesn't end until January 2nd. Today just happens to be a little crazy.

I finally found the Luigi costume. Yes, like an idiot, I ran around to six places the day before yesterday, before my friend casually suggested "Have you tried Party City?" I called. They had it. I went and got it. Done.

Man, it sure looks dorky, but now my boys can be "Mario and Luigi" and they look dorky together, so it's ok. Thing Four wanted to be Spiderman. I can't give him points for originality, but I sure can forgive him for the lack of it since he's THREE. ;-)

Thing One still doesn't know what she wants to be. She wanted to be a vampire, a la Caroline from Vampire Diaries but then she realized vampires are...kinda gross. She's adrift in a sea of indecision.

I'm sure she'll figure it out. And now, I have to go chase after that little clock with legs. He's got a head start!

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Aimee said...

Have fun with your first NC Halloween. On our first Virginia Halloween I felt like I was reliving the scene in E.T. where all the kids trick or treated in their t-shirts. It was a dream come true for me... still is, too!