Friday, February 26, 2010

Girlfriend PLEASE...

One of Lara's Observations on Life: (Sue Sylvester Style)

You know that Dove Chocolate commercial where that skinny-butt model (who is supposed to be an overworked suburban mom with nine kids or something) sits down and luxuriously unwraps a teeeeeeeny piece of Dove chocolate and bites into it (a very teeeny bite of course) and makes all these pleasurable expressions while spa music plays in the background and waves of chocolate-colored silk are superimposed on the screen? And she acts all satisfied after her teeny chocolate "me break?"

Yeah. Like she's really going to "get lost" in a fourth of an ounce of chocolate. After the cameras stopped rolling, you know she totally went back and ate half the bag of chocolates, and washed them down with a class of milk.

**And that's how Lara sees it.**

Rough day yesterday. Amidst the de-junking efforts (yes, I am STILL doing it!) had to make phone calls I didn't want to make. Then I had to prep for my class, which was tough because I procrastinated. But the class went smoothly, luckily my "students" had lots of comments so it filled the time. It actually worked out really well. And of course I came home to a coughing sick Thing Four (imagine a barking seal, yeah, that was him) so we're headed to the Dr. today. Then it's back to dejunking. But at least that's all I have on the agenda! My kids are going to HATE me this weekend. They will be my s-l-a-v-e-s. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaa!!!
*Lara cackles fiendishly and rubs her hands together*

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Devon Ellington said...

A plan is always good. Go for it!