Friday, May 29, 2009

Stream of Consciousness Post...

I shoved Thing Two out the door today. His fever is gone, the antibiotics have kicked in, and he is fine to go to school. As he was leaving to get on the bus, he turned to me.

"Mom, I never thought I'd actually say this in a million years, but I'm glad I'm going to school. Being sick is boring!"


You see, I am the sort of mom who makes being sick "comfortable" but not a "play day." The sick kid in question is quarantined to their room for the duration (especially if they are the only one sick) and Hubby and I don't allow TVs or computers in the kids' rooms, so no TV or video games. Only books and sleep. Pretty boring when you're an active 8,10, or 11 year old! Sure, you get your meals in your room, and some really great TLC, but it's still boring.

This is by design. So you will WANT to get better quickly and go back to school! See how sneaky I am?

Of course I woke up with a sore throat and chills yesterday, and today is not much better. I don't mind being sick so much, I can take Advil cold or whatever and muddle through it. I just don't want Hubby to get it, especially before back-to-back business trips. Yuck.

I procrastincated going to the dry cleaners the last two weeks. You should have seen their eyes yesterday when I gave them twenty three dress shirts, fourteen pairs of dress pants, and four suits. What's sad, is Hubby still has a ton of shirts in his closet, but those are "winter" dress shirts, and he won't touch them. Since I'm not in the fashion world, I'll take his word for it. He also has ties by season. THAT I do get. But dress shirts? Whatever. ;-)

They were somewhat relieved when I told them I only needed the suits and five dress shirts for this Saturday. I'm not THAT demanding! But I will say, I have the best dry cleaners EVER.

Through the years we've moved here and there, I've had to search for a good dry cleaner, because Hubby is very particular. It's gotten to the point where I've driven across town just for a good dry cleaners. One who won't crease the plackets of shirts, or crack/shatter/crunch the buttons on dress shirts. Or ruin collars.

Luckily for me, I found an an AWESOME cleaners, and they are right in my home town, five minutes from my house. WOO HOO! Since I like to remain relatively anonymous on my location, I won't give them a shout out, but they are AWESOME!

Well, the stream of Consciousness train has derailed. Thing Four wants a milk "cuppy." Have a happy weekend, all!


Aimee said...

To this day whenever I see or think about The Price Is Right, I flash back to a day spent sprawled on my parent's bed nibbling soda crackers and flat, warm 7-up.

Anonymous said...

The way you treat your kids when they're sick is also the best way for them to get well quickly -- sleep, rest, TLC. Great stuff

I know what you mean about dry cleaners. I hate dry cleaning, and do as little of it as possible (so many things marked DCO are really washable). But there are some things that have to go, and, especially after all these years in wardrobe, I am very fussy. Ick.