Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stuffed Sausage.

First off--check out my new Writing blog--The Potted Pen! I finished it!

May 10th is going to be interesting. So many things stuffed into one day. Or, at least, it WAS until I got things figured out. You see, May 10th happens to be the birth day for TWO of my children--Thing Two, and Thing Four. (People always ask me how that happened, and the answer is simple. On May 9th, 2007, my O.B. told me she could induce me on the tenth, or I could wait one more week. My baby was already ten days overdue. The 10th it was!)

May 10th will also be interesting because it happens to be Mother's Day this year. Yep. STUFFED full. Now, if I was a selfish person, I'd be a litttle miffed that the double birthdays would be "stealing my thunder," so to speak. But also, Mother's day could be stealing my Birthday Boys' thunder. So, I've figured out a plan. We're celebrating the double birthdays on SATURDAY the 9th, and Mother's Day will be it's own day on the 10th. Perfect. And the boys have zero problems with getting their presents a day early. Ta Da!!

I am so smart. Ha ha ha ha ha!!

Here's where I usually talk about what I did on the Writing Front, but now you have to zoom over to The Potted Pen for that. I'll post the link in my sidebar asap. RAMBLINGS will remain intact (I actually thought of doing away with it for a few minutes!) and I will just have to be more time-management-oriented to do both blogs. (snort! What are you laughing at?)

I'm stuck at home until the lawn guys come and turn on the sprinkling system. I'd do it myself, but they will check the sprinkler heads for damage, etc. You could show me a damaged sprinkler head, and I wouldn't know it from a small cabbage, so I'm probably not the best for the job. And they gave me a HUGE window, so I'm stuck here. I guess I'll clean the baby's room! His toys could be sterilized and his sheets changed. And I could sort through his clothes, because he's GROWN OUT of everything! I need to find a "resale" shop. I'd make a killing with all the clothes he only wore two times because he grew out of them so fast! Sheesh!


Michelle Miles said...

You are so smart!!

I think we have some birthdays this month too. I'm pretending like it's not happening. :D

Lara said...

Heh heh--you noticed I didn't mention THAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your weekend is beautifully organized and it will all be grand.

Unknown said...

I made a killing at Once Upon A Child with some clothes my sister in law gave me.