Monday, May 04, 2009


I am beginning to despise weekends. Well, not EVERY one of them, but when you have lots of soccer games and activities and a husband who can't sit still and wants to do "projects" around the house (that inevitably involve my "help" in one way or another) there is simply no rest for the weary.

Sundays are better. Sundays we have church from 9am-noon, but by the time we breathlessly sneak into the back row of the chapel at 9:03 I've already had it. For the ENTIRE day. If I was a GOOD mother, I'd have all the kids clothes pressed and laying out, and have them all bathed and showered. I would even have breakfast made. But since I'm your average not-so-wonderful mom I'm usually shrieking at them to jump in the shower, get their own cereal, and FIND their clothes so I can iron them. Not to mention getting myself ready, all before our HALF HOUR drive to the church.

Yeah. Starting to dislike weekends. Monday through Friday I get to go at my own pace. Granted, I run around a lot, and I have to get up at 6am just like everyone else, but it seems...calmer. That probably makes zero sense, but it's how I'm feeling, lately.

Watched the last two episodes of Little Dorrit yesterday, and LOVED it. Such a great story! The characters were all so well cast, so believable! And I always love happy endings!Time to head off to the grocery store! I've planned out all my meals for the week, so I'm only going ONCE. Cross your fingers for me. I usually go four times a week. Hubby is in New York again this week, so I will have nights free to finish my edits. Yeah, I still haven't finished! Yikes!

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