Friday, May 01, 2009

It's MAY!!!

I adore the month of May. For several reasons--it's officially a "Spring" month, Mother's day is in it, two of my children's birthdays are in it, MY birthday is in it, my good friend's birthday is in it, and well, it's just a really pretty, fresh, fun month!

I love May! It's also the month I start submitting my newly minted novel to agents. I am nearly finished with my edits and I'll be ready to send out queries--next week.

Speaking of writing, I've decided to start a new blog, JUST about the writing. I've thought of a fun name for it, but I have some "stuff" to design for it. And I googled the name, too, of course, just to make sure no one else has my blog title "out there." Because eight times out of ten, if you think of something neat, someone else has thought of exactly the same thing. :-(

Not in this case! I downloaded (has elements of Photoshop but it's FREE) and I plan to design my own blog template.

The problem is, THIS is where my life starts to get busy. I have kids in Spring sports. I have lots more school stuff to worry about in Spring, because school starts to wind down and all the kids' "year end" parties and concerts and projects are happening. And there's lots of stuff to do outside, because things are GROWING and need to be taken care of.

So, when will I have TIME to start a new blog and do all the writing stuff I need to do?--that is the dilemma. (Devon, you can stop reading here!) In Spring and Summer writing tends to take a backseat, because I am so dang tired of being cooped up from Winter, I want to get OUT and do things. Writing and Quilting are great Winter activities, because you can be all cozy and do them. But when the sun's out and it's beautiful outside, I don't want to be inside sitting at a desk. (I know, blasphemy!)

Then again, I am not under a deadline and I am definitely not a "full time" writer at this point. I simply can't be, with my family demands. Writing is a very selfish thing. Not the BAD kind of selfish, but when *I* write, I retreat into what I like to call "a black hole." It's all about me and my characters. Writing is singular, like reading. Writing is coming from my brain, so I don't want anyone talking to me or bugging me while I do it. Not exactly an easy task when you have four kids and a husband tugging on your sleeve (figuratively speaking) for your attention. Or people calling from church needing advice or help. Or a cluttery house or a laundry room in which clothes will eventually rise up and walk out on their own steam if not addressed...

I guess I might be feeling a little overwhelmed on the Writing Front, as of late. Because LIFE is getting in the way. I know there are writers out there who depend on their writing as a sole source of income, and my hat is off to them. I am just not in that same situation. Writing is not my life, yet. :-) But I do think about it, all the time. And trust me, I DO make time for it. Just not as frequently during this time of year.

My thinking is if one REALLY wants to do something, they make time for it. They fit it in, somehow. So, maybe it really is me, allowing myself to get distracted. Deep thoughts, I know. Those can be dangerous!

Happy May 1st and happy Friday, everyone!

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Michelle Miles said...

You can make time for it. I know you can. :) But I hear ya - spring/summer is all about getting outside and enjoying activities. I'm with you. And it's super hard to balance your life with writing.

Happy May!