Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What Kind of Day Will This Be?

Hmmmm, not sure about today. I have a yucky feeling. But the toast DID fall butter-side up this morning (I am so clumsy!) so maybe I'm just worrying needlessly.

I am over Thing Two. He loses EVERYTHING. Last night was Cub scouts for the boys, and Thing Two LOST his brand spanking new Webelos book. Yeah, we bought it LAST week for him.

I lost it. I hate to admit it. I shrieked at him in the car in the church parking lot. How could he lose it so quickly?

You have to understand, we went through THREE wolf books with this kid. TWO bear books. He just kept losing them. Strangely enough, they never turned up. (Well, one Wolf book did, but luckily we hadn't transferred anything so his brother is using it.)

But I mean really, the kid can't keep track of a simple book? So, I yelled at him last night. I don't like to yell, but I'd had it. Thing One came out of her church activity complaining that her eyes were itchy, but I couldn't give her anything because she was only eight hours into a 24-hour Claritin. And I had just finished carrying an irate toddler kicking and screaming through the halls of the church because he wanted to "stay and play basketball." AND I'd had to threaten Thing Three to stop running through the church with his buddies and wrestling in the foyer.

Yeah, I'd seriously had it. Major yelling at Thing Two. Luckily for HIM the book turned up, but I was over him. I told him to take the book home and put it immediately into his sock drawer and DO NOT SET IT DOWN ON THE WAY UP THE STAIRS, DO NOT PASS GO DO NOT COLLECT TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!

He didn't understand the "$200" part, probably because I find Monopoly highly annoying thanks to a mother who always won when she played with us kids (and cackled evilly when she bought up all the property) and I've never bought the game for our household. But he got the general drift. Or so I thought.

He left the book in the car.

I had to count to about 92645237.

ANYWAY, I discovered I had some last-minute things to do and I fell into bed, exhausted, around 11. Early for me!

But I still feel yucky. Maybe it's because the sun isn't out. It's cloudy and cool. I am SO tempted to turn on the heat in my basement--it's 64 degrees down here! Brrrr!


Anonymous said...

Did you take the book and hide it and will make him search for it next time he notices it's missing? ;)

Michelle Miles said...

Devon is sneaky! LOL!!

I hate to admit it, but I snickered. I am SOOOOO in touch with this. It drives me mad when my kid can't keep up with anything. MAD I tell you!

Hang in there, Mom. ;)