Thursday, May 28, 2009


Thing Two has been home sick for three days, now. I took him to the dr. yesterday and he has a sore throat, fever, and sinus infection that was affecting his eyes. (Thank goodness, I thought he had Pinkeye on top of everything!) He's on antibiotics, now, but he's still miserable. Poor kid. They're so sweet and innocent when they're sick. Makes all the devious crap they do 98% of the time seem insignificant...


Yesterday was busy, but overcast and rainy. Has been since Tuesday. I am ready for some sun!
I am feeling kind of sore-throat-ey myself. Hopefully it's just psychological. I CAN'T be sick. Hubby has back-to-back market trips to NYC starting Sunday. He'll be gone for two weeks, with one day home in between. Poor guy. He's going to be buuuuuurned out.

I have lots of projects to do around the house, so I'll be busy. Soccer ends in two weeks, and we'll have a breather before Tennis and Swimming lessons start up. I wanted to sign my boys up for golf, but Hubby was against it. He seems to think they'll brain someone with a stray ball. I say, teach 'em while they're young. I guess it's not on Hubby's priority list because he's not an avid golfer. Sure, he has clubs and all, and while we were in Hawaii he took lessons at the resort, but he's just not that "into" golf. His thing is Tennis. (Thanks to DVR, I'm not currently a French Open widow, either, hurrah!)

So, we'll see. I think Golf is almost a tool you need to know if you're going to be in the corporate world. Am I wrong in that assumption? :-) Then again, Thing Two wants to be an actor, and Thing Three wants to be a writer. Although I think he should go into acting. MAJOR HAM.

Golf may be optional.

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Anonymous said...

Actors play a lot of golf at charity events.

Personally, I can't stand golf. When I worked for a publishing company a zillion years ago, they wanted to pay for me to take lessons so I could take the Japanese clients golfing.

Fortunately, since I no longer work in any office but my own, I don't need to golf!