Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Was caught up in Editland yesterday (will go into detail more on the writing blog) and I actually forgot to all!

I guess this is just a busy time--school is out in a month so there's lots of end-of-year concerts, projects, activities--it can get busy. What the heck am I saying--I AM busy!

Yesterday I flushed it all down the toilet and edited my story--until I had to go to a choir concert. *Note to self--Dum Dum suckers are only good for about five minutes with toddlers...*

I was supposed to mow the lawn today, but it's raining. DARN. The kids have a half day at school, so after they have lunch at home we'll head to Half Price Books. It's sort of become a tradition now. Half Day/Half Price. :-) They love to pick out books and browse, and I always seem to find a book I can't live without. I used to let them pick out two books, but we are on a budget now! Even I only get one book! :-(

Lots to do today so I'd better get on it.

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