Monday, May 11, 2009

So Typical...

I don't usually blog on weekends, and during that time I always have things happen and I think to myself "I can't wait to blog about this! It's hilarious/funny/sad/deep/noteworthy, etc."

Then cut to Monday morning, sitting in front of the computer as I'm doing now.

Drawing a complete blank.


Hubby and I got away Friday night and saw STAR TREK and man oh man I loved it. It was SO FUN!!! I'm not a hardcore Trekkie, but I'm certainly a "Trekkie Light" because I grew up watching the show, saw all the movies in the theatre, and LOVE the characters. Except Khan. Didn't like him so much. Or those little earwig things they put in your ear and they grow to the size of sparrows and wrap around your brain stem...ugh.

ANYWAYIDIGRESSBIGTIME, it was a blast. We've already bought our reserved seats for Angels and Demons this Friday, and I can't wait! Hubby is hurriedly re-reading the book so he'll know the story. I read it years ago, so I know the basic plot elements, but I've forgotten a lot of them so I think I WON'T read the book, so I can enjoy the movie a little more. :-)

Soccer was interesting on Saturday. We had an 8am game and it was BUTT cold and raining and the field was mud. But they played! Thing One's game was at 11:15 so it had warmed up a little, but it was mud puddles everywhere. It was so funny--the girls on the other team would NOT run through the puddles, they'd wince and recoil and skirt around them---wusses!!! Their hesitancy helped us score a few goals! All because they didn't want to get muddy!

We still lost anyway, because ONE girl (who I started calling "Pinky" because of her pink shin guards) scored four goals by herself. Pinky was on fire, and there was nothing Thing One's team could do about it.

Oh well. That's what happens with these rec teams. You always get one or two kids on a team who are "superstars"-- who for one reason or another didn't try out for Select, and they SLAUGHTER you every time. And the coach never seems to pull them out. They just play and play and score goals and score goals. Frustrating, but you 'd be hard pressed to find many teams without at least one "superstar" who isn't a goal hog. Hmmph.

I honestly can't think of anything else, I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day (mine was pretty good!) and now it's back to reality. Happy Monday!

ps--those "puff balls" in the pic below were purchased at Walmart. Yes, Walmart.


Anonymous said...

So you think Star Trek 90210 is worth it? Haven't decided if I'll go yet.

Lara said...

Aw, be kind, Dev! The original cast was young, once, too!